4 More Retail Marijuana Stores to Open in Seattle

The Emerald City is finally about to get its second recreational marijuana shop, while three more are slated to open in the coming weeks.

Uncle Ike’s plans to open its doors at noon on Tuesday. It will follow in the footsteps of Cannabis City, the first recreational store to open in Seattle all the way back in July.

The second shop will most likely have plenty of customers, if Cannabis City’s experience is any indication. The first store quickly sold out of its entire inventory and had to temporarily shut down so it could restock.

, 4 More Retail Marijuana Stores to Open in Seattle

Though there are several other rec shops in the Seattle metro area, Ike’s will be just the second in Seattle proper.

The third and fourth, both owned by Seattle MMJ mogul Michael Perkins, are expected to open on Oct. 10. A fifth store, dubbed Ocean Greens, is scheduled to open Oct. 18.

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2 comments on “4 More Retail Marijuana Stores to Open in Seattle
  1. victoria smith on

    Woo hoo Seattle, TWO stores! Meanwhile, back in sunny Colorado, Denver proper has more than 60 recreational stores. Not that it’s a competition; all legal sales are good. But if state policies are the laboratories of democracy, then you might agree that CO’s experiment is working better than WA’s. Can’t wait to see what NV does.

  2. Jamie on

    There is a new store opening in SODO on 1st Ave S. I was having lunch down there at my favorite lunch shop
    SODO deli, I was wearing a pot leaf pin on my jacket and the lady let me know of the happenings next door so I went and poked my head in, they said they should be open by the first of the year, the guy told my their name will be Seattle Cannabis Co. He also said I could get updates on the store opening on there site
    Anyways, wanted to share the good news for anyone looking for a new shop in SODO here soon..

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