$60M in Oregon Rec Cannabis Sales From January Thru May

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Oregon rang up nearly $60 million in recreational cannabis sales between Jan. 1 and May 30, and that number will likely get even bigger later this year now that edibles and concentrates have been added to the lineup for adult-use customers.

Although adult-use sales formally began last October, when existing medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to begin serving rec customers, sales taxes for rec cannabis only kicked in after the start of the year. The total sales figure is based on state tax collections.

From the start of the year through May, rec customers purchased almost 12,000 pounds, or 6 tons, of cannabis from dispensaries, according to the Register-Guard.

Those sales figures could jump later this year when the full rec market comes online. That’s because, for now, consumers face temporary limits on the edibles, concentrates and flower they can purchase.

Since June 2, for example, customers can purchase a single edible with up to 15 milligrams of THC and a single portion of cannabis concentrate, and only up to a quarter ounce of flower. But they can buy unlimited amounts of infused topicals, and those other limits will be increased later this year when the full rec market comes online.