Journalistic Ethics


Marijuana Business Daily’s editorial products always strive to be fair and balanced and provide information tailored to the business needs of our audience. We endeavor to tell all sides of a story and welcome and encourage questions and/or comments about our reporting. Broadly, we adhere to the norms established by the Society of Professional Journalists (


  • Each of our products is held to the highest possible ethical standards, and our journalists seek to access the truth and present a fair and accurate accounting of news and information as we understand it at the time of writing.
  • We treat our interview subjects with the utmost respect, fairness and professionalism, but at no time do we guarantee favorable coverage for any individual or entity we write about.
  • Our journalists will not record interviews or private conversations without express consent of all parties involved.
  • While there are times when it is beneficial for reporter and subject to corroborate quotes, translations or some technical details for a story, at no time will a subject or the entity he/she represents be shown a story in advance of publication for broad approval.
  • When we disseminate information initially reported by others, we will credit and/or link to the source of that information.
  • We do not accept gifts, travel or other favors from advertisers or those seeking coverage.


  • Advertising is a source of revenue for our editorial products, but in no way is our coverage influenced by advertisers. Additionally, we do not use content submitted by advertisers.
  • We sometimes run content contributed by industry experts. We solicit those articles for specific purpose, based on the needs of our audience and our editorial judgement. We do not generally publish content we have not requested.


  • In some instances, advertisers will pay to run content they themselves produce. The topics contained in this content are chosen by the advertiser and produced outside of normal Marijuana Business Daily editorial channels. When such content is published, it is clearly labeled as sponsored by the entity that has produced and paid for it.