New acting Drug Enforcement Administration chief appointed

The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday announced that the new acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration will be Robert W. Patterson, a career DEA official who started with the agency in 1988.

Patterson – the principal deputy administrator of the DEA since November 2016 – replaces outgoing DEA head Chuck Rosenberg, who tendered his resignation last week.

The DEA has been without a permanent director since Michele Leonhart left the job of administrator in 2015. After that, Rosenberg took on the job of “acting administrator” and wound up staying on until he announced his departure at the end of September.

The DOJ announced in a news release that Patterson was given the same “acting administrator” title as Rosenberg.

Whether that’s an indication his assignment may be temporary is unclear, but the release noted that Patterson is “the highest-ranking career special agent at the DEA.”

The release did not mention any particular policy stance Patterson may have toward cannabis.

According to the release, Patterson has “a reputation as an expert on transnational criminal networks, narcotics trafficking and trends, as well as governing policy and agency oversight matters.”

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2 comments on “New acting Drug Enforcement Administration chief appointed
  1. George Bianchini on

    DEA’s Robert W. Patterson may help to legalize cannabis. that would be great! another fed 50% VAT (value added tax) maybe. Repeal and replace of the 280e IRS code, maybe.
    That is repeal 280e and replace with a separate tax code of, lets say 50% of gross with no deductions. I can just see the Cartels vastly increasing their acreage of cannabis. they should be able to double their profits and exports with a legal Cannabis program run by the FEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    20 years ago when I started as an activist we were chanting Tax and Regulate, tax and regulate. We meant, let us have a business license so we can pay our fair share of taxes. Now taxing and regulating the cannabis industry feels more like our new cartel leaders (FED’s) are raping and plundering us. What other industry has a 100% tax on sales and a 70 to 75% income tax. WHO IS THE DRUG DEALER NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cactus Bill on

    I don’t have the time to investigate all of your assertions, so I will accept them at face value.
    If as described, we should not be particularly shocked (upset, yes, but not surprised).
    Why? Because of the current stranglehold of federal and many state governments by a certain political party.
    Their ideology is – and has been since 1981 – to achieve their hyper-partisan goals through two distinct methodologies.
    1. Defunding the object of their scorn.
    2. Extreme delay and obfuscation, i.e., more and more “studies”, hearings and excessive investigations.

    Until there is wholesale change in federal and state government, the tasks involved with managing and expanding the MMJ/AUMJ industries will continue to be plagued with uncertainty and – as you outlined -egregious attempts at smothering what their ultra Conservative “base” objects to.

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