AG Sessions to Congress: Kill medical marijuana protections

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked four congressional leaders at the beginning of May to omit key medical marijuana industry protections from a new federal spending bill.

Although the attempt was unsuccessful, the letter – first reported by cannabis-focused social media platform MassRoots – underscores that marijuana businesses are not yet totally safe from possible federal intervention.

Sessions specifically asked that language from the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment not be included in any appropriations bill, or similar provisions, that would “in any way inhibit the (Department of Justice’s) authority to enforce the Controlled Substances Act.”

The amendment, first approved in 2014, bars the DOJ from spending federal funds to interfere with the implementation of state medical marijuana laws.

Language from the amendment was included in a spending bill in early May, but the measure is set to expire at the end of September if not renewed by Congress. The amendment essentially guarantees MMJ companies that are compliant with state laws are safe from raids or prosecution by the Drug Enforcement Administration. It does not apply to recreational cannabis businesses.

Nicole L’Esperance, press secretary for U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, confirmed the authenticity of the letter to Marijuana Business Daily. 

She also said Blumenauer – a member of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus – remains confident the MMJ industry protection will survive attempts by Sessions to kill it because of the “broad bipartisan support” for the measure within Congress.

L’Esperance also said the letter wasn’t necessarily an indicator of a larger anti-cannabis policy agenda within the Trump administration because the president hasn’t clearly outlined a specific stance on marijuana.

“It’s definitely something to be alert to, but when you look at this administration, it’s constant whiplash,” she said. “They say one thing and do another … so it’s hard to take one action as an indication of a broader policy issue.”

A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-California, told The Washington Post that “Sessions stands athwart an overwhelming majority of Americans and even, sadly, against veterans and other suffering Americans who we now know conclusively are helped dramatically by medical marijuana.”

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16 comments on “AG Sessions to Congress: Kill medical marijuana protections
  1. 4trumpsessions on

    The marijuana industry is riddled with adictions ,criminals that target youth and greedy politicians Who hope to fill their pockets with illegal drug money .. I and others can only hope that law and order is restored in America .. I hope they start with Portland Oregon where drugs and snowflakes are a commonplace.. Clean up our streets and give America back to the people !

    • jason on

      Nice “4trumpsessions”…good to know this board isn’t safe from idiot trolls such as yourself. Go back under your rock. 🙁

    • Cactus Bill on

      Your rant is typical of RWNJ rhetoric. All puff and no facts or logic.
      Looking forward to putting y’all in your proper place. Soon.

    • NOT4trumpsessions on

      Must be a wall street thug or pharmaceutical lune’. Sorry we are stealing your thunder sweetheart 😉

  2. Rick Fague on

    This is the best the GOP can do, recognizing the opiate epidemic by declaring another drug war on medical marijuana???

    We can do better, folks, starting next year and rolling forward to 2020.

  3. Steve Hackenberg on

    The mentality that “The World is Flat” went out along time ago. It’s science, not some hippie anecdotal BS. The US government holds the patent on THC. It’s medically beneficial for so many people for multiple problems. Oh yeah, just so you know, the world is not flat.

      • Educate thyself on

        Nearly so. Not thc. Ut plant derived compounds for certain instances. Patent No. 6,630,507

        Learn the google, or alta vista dice you are still in the dark ages…

  4. Ed Smith on

    4trumpsessions attitude is back in the outhouses of the 1950’s. Trump supporters continue to turn deaf ears to facts and there is no changing that. Maybe 4 will have the guts to face the firing squad that was the penalty for colluding with the Commies back in his beloved fifties.

  5. Bill lewis on

    Jeffery Beauregard Sessions’ hateful rhetoric exemplifies all that is wrong in the justice Dept. Marijuana and hemp contain the most useful products of any plant in the world. I know Seesions has no shame even though 70 % of all Americans find him to be either a complete idiot or a hateful human being who has no regard for those who suffer but would benefit greatly from the use of Cannibis.

  6. RB on

    4trumpsessions … ignorance is not blissful .. your parents and everyone’s else’s parents are dying from illnesses that could be helped by cannabis; instead, you guys are ok to line your pockets with chemicals, lies, fracking, non-renewables, drugs (also, called medications)…weapons, toxic waste, etc…

    so examine your con-science … if you are able to
    we still love ya’ll … and your ignorance is not taking us down

  7. Tony Russo on

    If one digs deep enought ( I am certain) there is something inherently wrong with Mr. Sessions. Perhaps it is something like a self-righteouse attitude he picked up in his church or a real bad experience he had as a child and blames the whole world for it. His is not a reasonable approach to the subject. He wants to control this country according to his prejudices and not what Lincoln said in his Gettysburg address;
    “A government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Sounds like Session wants to replace Lincoln’s position, and that of the American people, with his own direction for Americans. He is a dangerous man to the citizens of this country.

  8. Paul Sorensen on

    NOTHING will happen. Legal pot marches forward. We need to keep pushing forward. All of Canada will have legal rec next year. Will Sessions ask the UN to intercede? What a waste of time.

  9. Farah on

    With all the fraud and corruption perpetrated by the Clinton cabal, including DNC chair, FBI director, CIA director, former President Clinton, John Podesta, to name only a few, why have we not seen any prosecutions? Ohhhh… but MMJ and rec users are top priority. Sessions should resign and Trump should happily accept it.

    • Cactus Bill on

      Dear Farrah,

      “Prosecutions” for what, exactly?
      Cause you don’t like those people?
      But I Mos Def agree with your last sentence.

      Maybe you would benefit from an Rx for a soothing, relaxing strain of MMJ.
      It’s way better than vodka, without hangover.
      Give it a try. You will love it!


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