Alabama lawmakers OK panel to study medical cannabis legalization

Alabama lawmakers voted to create a medical marijuana commission that will make recommendations for a bill they might consider in the 2020 legislative session.

The measure was a compromise after an original MMJ proposal hit opposition in the state House of Representatives. The study commission bill now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey.

Republican state Sen. Tim Melson said he wanted to see lawmakers approve a medical marijuana bill this session. But he noted the study commission would mean a step toward that goal.

Melson’s original bill would have allowed patients with certain medical conditions to purchase MMJ with a doctor’s approval. The Alabama Senate approved the measure, but the proposal hit opposition in the House.

The 15-member commission would include doctors and others appointed by the governor, legislative leaders and the attorney general. The panel would submit draft legislation and recommendations to lawmakers by Dec. 1.

The commission bill also extends Carly’s Law, a statute that allows some patients to access CBD oil through a study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

– Associated Press

10 comments on “Alabama lawmakers OK panel to study medical cannabis legalization
  1. Stewart Wynn Faust on

    Meanwhile the Alabama Boys, Dixie Mafia, Mexican Mafia, Sicario, etc. increase their profits and wealth while citizens with disabilities and painful illnesses suffer. There are studies around the world that should be good enough for the state of Alabama. You are just wasting time and propping up the pharmaceutical and for profit corporations. I don’t think your constitutes will reward you for this. They’re not that stupid even if the majority of them support Trump.


      I agree I’m a licensed hemp grower and I want to start a petition addressing this issue alomg with allowing the hemp growers to grow cannabis to research… we lost my step dad recently to brain cancer and people had to risk getting him the cannabis that was making all the difference. You have to worry about being arrested for something the say has no medicinal value. When in fact the government owns patents proving medicinal value.
      United States Patent 20130059018

      PhytoCannabinoids in the treatment of cancer

      United States Patent 5,538,993

      Compounds according to the present invention are characterized by various beneficial properties such as analgesic, anti-emetic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-glaucoma, and neuroprotective activities

      United States Patent 6,630,507

      Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

      United States Patent 6,448,288

      Use of Cannabinoid compounds for inhibiting, inducing apoptosis, antitumoral action

      United States Patent 4,876,276

      Special use in cases of acute and of chronic pain

      United States Patent 7,179,800

      Useful for therapy, especially in the treatment of pain, inflammation and autoimmune disease

  2. Jody Paulson on

    I have ms and ptsd. Please make this available for us. I am 45 prime of my life and this disease is ravishing my body. Cannabis is the most effective symptom relief for ms. Help me get my life back.

  3. Damon Stonbraker on

    My little brother is 20 years old and he is on his third perscribed different type of siezure medicine bc he was takin the last 2 and still went into siezures but can go a week without his meds and just consume cannibas and not have one at all.. Please pass the bill

  4. Keith S Warren on

    After 7 back surgeries, hip replacement and several other things, I would prefer MMJ over opioids and having been addicted to them, was able to ween myself off, but still have aches and pains when I do yard work, also would help with sleeping

  5. William Self on

    I am 69 yo retired plumber. My work ravaged my back and I have been in pain management for the last 15 or so years. I was on good stable dose of morphine and at times on the fentanyl patch . The WAR on opiates messed me up bad I’m now on a dose of opiates just strong enough to knock the edge off my pain . I’m sick on my stomach Zander barely above the WD line. I haven’t used cannibus in over 40 years and now I have no desire to smoke it but I believe the thc Plus CBD Oil’s would get me back on track without going to higher doses of opiates. Please legalize it for patients like myself needing pain relief but can’t grt the proper opiate doses

  6. Douglas Carnes on

    We have a bunch of cavemen . There was 77,000 people died in 2018 from opiode overdose . No one has ever overdosed on canibus

  7. Mary on

    Mysafe I stay in lots of pain I also have lots more heath issues I don’t like taking pills and I don’t take pain pill coz I no if I do I will be hook and I don’t want that marijuana help with so many heath issues please help me and other that in need

  8. Mike on

    I was on so many pills for pain. At one time i was taking bout 15 meds for pain and depression(they go hand in hand) now im down to 4 pills a day. Smoking good street pot will give u the relief u need for about 280 a month. So for me, i knew alabama would not pass the bill, lived here for 58 years, we like to be the last state in america to change laws. We had a saying for years thank god for Mississippi cause they were always at the bottom. But then they got the lottery and well they passed us in states ranking. So dont get excited about 2020, my advice is get a family member to get u some pot. Every family knows someone who can get it.


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