Another Lawsuit Over Dispensary Licensing in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts dispensary licensing process has evoked the ire of several applicants who feel that they were unjustly passed over for operating permits, and now a total of seven companies have sued the state over the issue.

The latest lawsuit, filed this week in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that licensing officials passed over three medical marijuana companies that received top marks in the application process, without providing an explanation.

In January, state health officials initially told the trio – Beacon Wellness Center Inc., JM Farm’s Patient Group and Mass Organic Therapy Inc. – that they needed to remove various executives who failed background checks.

In response, the companies ousted those executives. But the businesses still did not receive MMJ licenses, the suit contends.

, Another Lawsuit Over Dispensary Licensing in MassachusettsMeanwhile, four other cannabis companies were either given provisional licenses or were allowed to reapply for different dispensary locations after they complied with the state’s demand that they remove executives with questionable backgrounds.

The courts, however, thus far have sided with the state in similar cases.

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2 comments on “Another Lawsuit Over Dispensary Licensing in Massachusetts
  1. Nate on

    This sounds like a stoner-move on the state’s part. I often find myself (as a member of the professional cannabis community) wondering at the failures of organizations not based in our industry, and find myself asking “who are the real stoners?”.

  2. massvocals on

    let me say this there are many professional in community and One privilege Esq should get profession help in dealing with people his time measure only by his control friendly is not in terms , everything otherwise is intrusive , leaders such as this contort relationship driving pins and needles through personality
    the medical law and license issue at 50,000 to 30,000 a year can not be sustain under the current patient numbers they are heading for bankruptcy form day one ,

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