Another Possible Setback for Florida’s CBD Program

Florida’s CBD industry may face further delays after a key official overseeing implementation of the program stepped down.

Patricia Nelson has left the the Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use to join the governor’s office, leaving the director position she held since December open, according to Politico.

The move comes at a critical time for Florida’s CBD program, as the health department is reviewing applications for licenses to produce, process and sell high-CBD, low-THC products.

Taylor Patrick Biehl, a lobbyist for the industry and co-founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida, told SaintPetersBlog he hopes Nelson’s departure doesn’t hold up the program. A spokeswoman for the department said she doesn’t expect any delays, but they are certainly a possibility in this type of situation.

The department received applications from 24 companies, which it must whittle down to five winners. Officials expect to announce which companies will receive licenses by Aug. 8.

Regulatory and legal issues, including a lawsuit by a nursery that claimed the rules favored politically connected growers, have already delayed the program.

While the licenses are expected to be lucrative, some feared too few companies would apply because of the extreme barriers to entry. The industry is restricted to horticultural growers that have been in business for at least 30 years and have the capacity for a minimum of 400,000 plants.

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2 comments on “Another Possible Setback for Florida’s CBD Program
  1. gloria on

    Again, what a stupid joke! Simply put: One must wonder how the patients that actually need this CBD oil, think & feel about the ridiculous rules & how the dumB A politicians, officials involved, etc. that are making them up?

    It sounds as if the ignorance, and greed of some of these people, has gone way below the common sense level. I’ll bet not many, if any of these jerks, have been in the same business for 30 yrs., let alone have the capacity of producing 400,000 of something like a plant, that takes at least 3-5 months to grow to completion. Also sounds as if some of them are trying to find a way to put the $$$ in their own pockets. If they have been in the same business for 30 yrs., or even have that capacity in that business, well, again, sounds as if they are trying to make sure that $$$ is going in their own pockets. Also sounds as if they discontinued any type of education, lost their common sense, & got just plain ignorant over those 30 yrs.. Just a shameful joke, & about something that should be as simple as this:

    “We are all talking about a God given, or mother nature given plant! Just like cilantro, or peppers, plants that are herbal, give nutrition, etc. The MJ plant is likely the most beneficial plant on this entire planet.
    But somewhere in our brief history, some idiot decided it was the devil’s weed, & decided to make that plant illegal & deny any person’s God given right to eat that pepper, or MJ, or enjoy it any way they see fit. Nobody, anywhere, should have any more power or control over it, other than just like peppers, cilantro, tomatoes. That control should only be that seeing the plant, or vegetable, is being presented to, delivered to, & sold to the consumers that want it, is FRESH, CLEAN, & FREE OF PESTICIDES OR ANY OTHER HARMFUL CHEMICALS………. Nothing more, nothing less.” Again, what a joke, worse than a bad joke.

    • Bill lewis on

      Couldn’t have said it better! Seems they only want large corps to be in the business. GREED, the mother of all evil.

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