Florida CBD Dispensaries Could Open in Early 2016

After months of legal wrangling, it finally looks like Florida is setting a clear timetable for the rollout of its CBD program.

The state Health Department is scheduled to accept applications from June 17 to July 8 for five business licenses to produce and sell CBD-based products.

Officials will notify winners by Aug. 8.

Companies that receive permits will then have to build out their facilities and grow, process and produce non-smokeable, high-CBD products, which means they likely won’t be able to open dispensaries until early 2016.

One hopeful entrepreneur estimated that it would take him until March or April of next year before he’d have CBD ready to deliver to patients, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

The paper also reported that there may be difficulties for would-be patients in becoming certified under state law, since only about 30 doctors have thus far taken the online course required to recommend CBD medicine.

The Florida Legislature last year passed the law last year in what was widely regarded as a political attempt to head off MMJ at the ballot box (a broader medical cannabis legalization bill failed last November). But Orlando attorney John Morgan and his group United for Care have pledged to run another initiative next year, and are already well on their way.

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