Morgan: Florida MMJ Failure ‘Huge’ Lost Business Opportunity

John Morgan, the attorney who pumped millions of dollars into Florida’s unsuccessful bid to legalize medical marijuana, said Wednesday that the measure’s failure represents a missed business opportunity for one of the most populous states in the nation.

By some estimates, revenues for the first full year of operation would have been $785 million if Florida had legalized medical cannabis under Amendment 2.

“You know, that was not the angle we talked about because we were focused on the compassion issue, but the lost opportunity is huge,” John Morgan,  said during a press conference at his offices in downtown Orlando.

“It’s gigantic – all you have to do is look at Colorado – real estate is up, 30,000 jobs added, retail is up, state tax (revenues) up,” Morgan said.

The measure could have expanded medical marijuana to more than 400,000 residents in Florida. It received about 57% of the vote, but needed 60% to pass.

Morgan noted the vote tally in favor of medical marijuana in Florida was the second highest ever, behind only Massachusetts.

And after spending somewhere between $4 million and $5 million of his own money, mostly on getting the amendment on the ballot, Morgan is ready for round two, most likely another ballot initiative in 2016.

“There’s an old Japanese proverb – if you get knocked down seven times, get up eight times,” Morgan said. “We lost the first battle, but we’ll win the war.”

Photo by Jennifer Mann of Marijuana Business Media

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15 comments on “Morgan: Florida MMJ Failure ‘Huge’ Lost Business Opportunity
  1. Howard Goldberg on

    I would have liked to have seen commercials that dispelled the fear mongering and outright lying the opposition had all over TV. It was shameful–comparing medicinal marijuana dispensaries to pill mills. I wish I was able to get infused products for my mom as she lay dying from pancreatic cancer.
    Legalization is a total win all around. It gives the ill a holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals; it creates thousands of jobs; crime rates decrease; taxes bring in hundreds of millions of dollars…need I say more?
    Another ‘point’ the opposition made was that medical marijuana is not regulated by the FDA—NEITHER ARE VITAMINS or SUPPLEMENTS!!!!
    Let’s do it right next time, Florida.

  2. Ken on

    I guess the Florida wants to regain its first place title of “state with the highest consumption of opioid drugs ”
    The volume of use went down after they introduced the CRRXWear locking jar to keep the kids from the drug.

  3. Leonard Hack on

    Go for the Mainstream, People like me, My Cannabis College would of Employed 15 People.
    I am a 64 Year Old Male with Hep-C, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma, & Other Ailments.
    I am NOW thinking about Moving, to Help Me deal with My Issues. I worked for FREE to get #2 Passed.
    Let the Average Person Relate to Our NEEDS.
    Willing to HELP, Just ASK

  4. Jeff Brown on

    John Morgan is right. The war will be won. The people will eventually triumph over the pharmaceutical , alcohol, tobacco and other special interest that fought against amendment 2. For sure marijuana is a gift. It is the most useful plant on the planet. Food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight. Ultimately we will prevail and thankyou John Morgan for all you do.

  5. Jeff Brown on

    Having marijuana listed as a schedule I drug is a lie and evil. A schedule I drug is defined as having no medical use and not safe under medical supervision and yet more then 20 states say it does have medical use and is safe for doctors to recommend. There is nothing I can think of that more lies have been told about. Reefer madness etc. The DEA’s own law judge in the 1988 Marijuana Rescheduling petition called marijuana one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man and that no one had died from an overdose. He recommended placement in schedule II so that it could be prescribed. The powers to be have been trying to stall the will of the people but they are fighting a losing battle.

  6. Suzy Stockwell on

    It’s unfortunate that the Pro Amend#2 advertising didn’t focus on the numerous ailments/afflictions whose symptoms could be alleviated with the use/application of marijuana products. Neuropathy, glaucoma, seizures…most of us know of someone who has suffered greatly from conditions that could be treated with cannabis products. These voters need to be reached. My sister was left with severe peripheral neuropathy from her chemo treatments…She takes a “cocktail of drugs that would numb a horse. They DON’T provide adequate pain relief and they cause her brain fog, she’s become a hoarder, and the list of side affects goes on and on – but cannabis cream applied twice daily gave her 24 hour relief from the excruciating pain in her hands and feet. Not only was the pain relief more intense – she was pain free for 10 hours from one application. Make no mistake, the pharmaceutical industry is NOT interested in the legalizing of medical marijuana and will take steps to slow this process. We MUST work harder and smarter to get the message out that the positive benefits of mm far outweigh the detriments. People worry about the “workplace testing” issue – here again, most of the people who really would benefit from the use of mm are retired or on disability – not even a part of the work force – because of their serious illnesses…I think this is a weak argument and needs to be exposed and opposed.

  7. Eric bauman on

    Why didn’t he or those invested preach these stats the weeks leading up to the election? All we heard was that moronic female Dr.? talking about pot pill mills!! Disappointing to say the least.

  8. Wiz on

    Medical Marijuana is proving to assist people with pain. It does not have to be smoked. So many times it is used a supplement to cookies and skin balms and there are people with chronic pain out there, and arthritis and epileplsy who are finding they can wean themselves off the opiate and cochaine based drugs prescribed by doctors who then will limit their amount of pills. Because, prescribed drugs to help pain, sleep deficiency etc are laced with hard drugs and are addictive. MM is not. It is a herb. Why not let’s call it Medical Oregano for goodness sake!!! For 5000+ years it has been used to help pain relief. Heroin and cochaine based pills are man made products using a little bit of the original product (such as the poppy). In Florida with such an aged population half of whom are probably hooked on pain relief pills that contain opiates etc MM is a better solution. Try asking any 60+ person outside of FL what they think and who use MM.

  9. Windy City on

    …Florida will climb on board and all the money that the casino baron wants to throw against it will be just a non-effective tax write-off.

    The citizens of Florida will have two more years of statistics from the states that have mmj and it will be near impossible not to see the benefits of this medicine.

    Also, the advertising campaign to approve mmj will have more than enough evidence of success to justify its passage.

    Nothing to stop it now, medical marijuana is coming to Florida like a late freight train…


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