Arizona group modifying recreational marijuana legalization measure

A group pushing to legalize adult-use cannabis in Arizona plans to refile its proposed voter initiative with some changes later this month in response to a legislative committee review.

It doesn’t appear the changes will be substantial, according to the Arizona Republic, but they are being made partly to ensure the ballot measure addresses potential issues.

The measure would enable mostly existing medical marijuana operators to sell recreational cannabis, the newspaper reported.

Adult-use cannabis sales would be taxed at 16% above typical sales tax rates.

Backers must collect at least 237,645 signatures from registered voters by July 2020 to qualify for the ballot.

For more details about this situation, click here.

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5 comments on “Arizona group modifying recreational marijuana legalization measure
  1. Crane on

    I understand Dispensaries want to ensure their opportunity to to break in to the Recreational Market but by writing the legislation to only benefit themselves is horrible.

    They claim they built the foundation, they made the sacrifices, etc; but what about the people lives ruined by MMJ charges? What about those people that actually put in work for their to ever be a Dispensary foundation to begin with? What about groups advocating and growing the industry? Brands that exist now but are stuck under licensing contracts of medical dispensaries?

    California has a great Equity Program that level the playing field for past charges affecting people eligibility. Other states are keeping Rec/Med separate processes and licensing.

    My question is, if these current Dispensaries were focused on Medical, as they have medical licensing why are they so adamant on Rec control? (Its obvious). It even worse that AZ has put zero enforcement in-place to prevent non-Arizonians to gain access and control to these licenses.
    Why does Arizona have to vote for Adult-Use access while giving up all transaction rights?

  2. Rita Pacchiana on

    This bill is not something we want or need in AZ . It will strongly hurt the MMJ community and there is too much except more regulation . This is not clearly a bill written for the citizens of AZ. I don’t believe it will get near enough signatures to put on the ballot . We may be better off , if the legislature puts a law in effect. Sorry but this bill sells us out .

  3. Jeff on

    I love how people say no to this proposed bill yet they have no answers themselves.Who (cares) who is selling it?You aren’t doing anything to help the situation.Where is your bill that you are trying to get passed?Oh,you don’t have your own bill.And no you haven’t done anything to help this .Why don’t we legallize it,you know just to get a foot in the door,then work to make it more friendly for the people who would vote no but have no alternative in place.

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