Arizona lawsuit seeks to bar recreational cannabis legalization

A group opposed to legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona filed a lawsuit to halt an initiative that would allow adults in the state to possess up to 1 ounce of adult-use cannabis.

The lawsuit challenges the 100-word summary of the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, saying it misleads voters about key provisions of the initiative.

Voters see the summary when they sign petitions to qualify an initiative for the ballot.

The lawsuit was filed by several voters belonging to a group called Arizonans for Health and Public Safety, a political committee opposed to legalizing marijuana.

The challenge to the marijuana legalization initiative claims the summary of the proposal failed to tell voters who signed petitions that the proposed law:

  • Would cover more potent forms of marijuana.
  • Doesn’t specifically say that a 16% tax on cannabis sales can’t be increased by the Legislature.
  • Change state law on driving under the influence.

The lawsuit will be heard in the coming weeks under expedited scheduling orders.

Arizonans for Health and Public Safety’s primary funding comes from the Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative organization that backs traditional families and promotes religious freedom and anti-abortion legislation.

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  1. Bob Michael on

    Like all goods, the cannabis industry can bring considerable tax revenues. Since its legalization, the state of California and some states in Canada is able to collect a 15% state tax excise on retail cannabis sales.

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