Arizona to License More Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

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Arizona is set to dole out about 30 additional medical marijuana dispensary licenses, which will bolster the state’s already-booming MMJ market.

Officials will begin accepting applications for the licenses this summer.

The exact number of new licenses available isn’t certain yet, as it’s tied to how many pharmacies are operating in the state. But the state said it expects to award roughly 30 new permits.

The timeline itself also hasn’t been finalized, though the Arizona Department of Health Services wrote on its website that it will announce the application window at least 30 calendar days before it begins.

Arizona currently has 99 licensed dispensaries, and 92 of them are open and operating, according to an Associated Press report.

The state has roughly 95,000 registered medical marijuana patients, and MMJ sales in Arizona rose more than 50% last year, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook.

The AP report didn’t note where the new dispensaries will be licensed to operate. A number of existing dispensaries have been migrating to the Phoenix metro area from more rural locales in hopes of landing additional customers.