Arizona voters evenly divided on rec MJ, latest poll shows

The latest poll of Arizona voters has found that the legalization of recreational marijuana is a coin flip.

The study, by Data Orbital, found that 45% of voters are opposed to the legalization initiative, Proposition 205, while 44% support it, a local NBC affiliate reported. The margin of error for the poll is 4%, meaning the vote could go either way.

Polling numbers in Arizona have for months shown that rec faced a slightly uphill battle. As recently as late September, a poll from Predictive Insights found Prop 205 trailing by four points, 47%-43%, the Phoenix New Times reported. And that’s an improvement from earlier in the year, when two separate polls found Prop 205 trailing by even bigger margins.

Yet another public opinion study, however, found in August that the initiative was supported by 50% of voters.

The bottom line, it seems, is that the rec campaign in the Grand Canyon State could come down to the wire on Election Day.

3 comments on “Arizona voters evenly divided on rec MJ, latest poll shows
  1. m.9bendermann on

    Hi. I live in Arizona and love the benefits of my medical marijuana and my friends do too; however, I am concerned that if Prop 205 gets passed, more minors may have it accessible to them, like my son who is 15.

    I live in a conservative community and they want to start a greenhouse here and I am concerned for the safety. Plus, there were many things that were fishy about the proposal that voters and citizens were not made aware of. The attorney general had to come investigate our town and politicians. There is this company called Copperstate Farms who wants to buy the land to make the greenhouse. The guy who owns the company is name Fife Symington IV. His dad was a former politician with the same name, Fife Symington, who was excused from office for illegal activities. I am afraid that if prop 205 gets passed, even though I would enjoy it, slimy people like the Symington’s may bring in more investigations and cause the town to start catering marijuana to minors.

    • Ron G on

      When this prop gets passed it will reduce crime dramatically. No more illegal pot coming in from Mexico. Marijuana is much safer than alcohol and tobacco.

  2. Jules on

    I live in Arizona and think it’s pretty cool you choose to use medical marijuana in a conservative setting. The Symington’s are crooked and filthy. I found some research on them after someone posted on another article. I don’t think your son will have a problem with abusing marijuana as long as you teach him how and when to use it or monitor him if you don’t want him using in the home. However, I don’t think it’s a good plan for them to build in Snowflake. I don’t think a town like that is ready for it yet. i bet a greenhouse would be much more welcomed in Phoenix or in the mountains or something.


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