Second poll finds AZ rec initiative in trouble

A second poll has found an Arizona recreational marijuana ballot measure getting a thumbs down from voters.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which filed petitions on June 30 to get a spot on the November ballot, is supported by only 39% of Arizona voters, while 52.5% of voters are opposed, KTAR News reported Monday. About 8.5% are undecided.

O.H. Predictive Insights conducted the poll. It is the second survey to find the initiative behind in public support. In April, a poll paid for by opponents of the measure found that only 43% of voters supported the initiative, while 49% were opposed.

A grassroots band of cannabis fans calling themselves Marijuana Consumers Against Fake Marijuana Legalization, formerly known as Arizonans for Mindful Regulation, are among those opposing the initiative, which is supported by the Marijuana Policy Project. The opponents have been arguing vocally for months that the initiative is a power grab by existing MMJ dispensaries, and would not allow for any kind of free cannabis market.

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