Second poll finds AZ rec initiative in trouble

A second poll has found an Arizona recreational marijuana ballot measure getting a thumbs down from voters.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which filed petitions on June 30 to get a spot on the November ballot, is supported by only 39% of Arizona voters, while 52.5% of voters are opposed, KTAR News reported Monday. About 8.5% are undecided.

O.H. Predictive Insights conducted the poll. It is the second survey to find the initiative behind in public support. In April, a poll paid for by opponents of the measure found that only 43% of voters supported the initiative, while 49% were opposed.

A grassroots band of cannabis fans calling themselves Marijuana Consumers Against Fake Marijuana Legalization, formerly known as Arizonans for Mindful Regulation, are among those opposing the initiative, which is supported by the Marijuana Policy Project. The opponents have been arguing vocally for months that the initiative is a power grab by existing MMJ dispensaries, and would not allow for any kind of free cannabis market.

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9 comments on “Second poll finds AZ rec initiative in trouble
  1. Bill on

    Arizona is a unique variant amongst states, comprised of right wing zealots and their hyper religious Evangelical allies, Hispanics of every type, a huge amount of elderly retirees from the Midwest, a large population of Native Americans, and a growing cadre of Progressive folks who have somehow managed to endure here.
    Getting all of that disparate humanity to agree on anything is a tall hill to climb.
    There are stubborn negatives surrounding the ingrained folklore that marijuana carries among the sub-groups of this state.
    Personally, I’m still shocked and amazed that “Medical” was voted in, and continues to be accepted as a viable medication.
    Hooray for that!
    Could be that opening up the can of worms that generally legal MJ would be is simply a “Bridge Too Far” for AZ.

    • Robert Hempaz, Phd Trichometry on

      Hello Bill: The numbers are correct. Arizona is primarily a “dead-red” state. However, there are a lot of Republican (center) voters who are afraid to voice dissent against the right-wing whackos that have held Az captive since re-district-ing in the 50’s and ’60’s. At the recent Az #2016 GOP Delegate Convention held in Mesa, Arizona a great many GOP delegates were appalled at the speaker Seth Liebson spouted off about the perceived horrors of Cannabis regulation in Colorado. “Don’t fall on the grenade like Colorado did!” was their battle cry. In Arizona, “Reefer Madness” is still very much alive and well. And, with dozens of prisons run by private corporate prison companies, the “low hanging fruit” of Cannabis convictions keeps the body count rolling along. In Arizona, ANY amount of dweeb in possession is a felony. Under the proposed #MPP initiative, the felony tag would go away for possession of (1) ounce or less of Cannabis flowers or (5) grams of edible dabs. In addition, every household in the great State of Arizona will have the opportunity and authority to cultivate up to (12) Cannabis plants. Not a bad deal, heh? Our wayward brethren who rail against the initiative because of the perceived hoarding of dispensary power may apply for a “new” dispensary license during the open window in July, pre-election. A lot of voters at the upcoming November general election on Nov 8th will vote for Trump in Arizona. That is a given. However, what people don’t realize, and what the polls do not grasp just yet, are the fact that a lot of center-leaning Republican voters will also vote for Cannabis on Nov 8th! Now, nobody saw that marriage coming. “Don’t blame me … I voted for Trump and Cannabis!” And, on Nov 8th, if the court allows the #RecMj petition to be placed at the foot of the voters, as our state enablers once envisioned, you will see that margin of error close very quickly. It will be another “toss-up” in Arizona come Nov 8th, just like the #MedMj initiative of #2010 barely passed by a margin of less than 5,000 votes. We could be ordering recreational hemp seed come November 8th, or we could be just another restricted #MedMj state wishing the genetics of the plant were simply left alone by the authorities.

      • Youlooserightd on

        You are nuts. Prop 205 is a step backwards. It allows employers to fire mj users, including valid medical users. That is not allowed now with the current law . Vote no on 205. It’s bad for patients and sick people. It’s bad for everyone.

  2. karlton on

    I am an owner of a certification business in Arizona…I was told by a dispensary owner that if this passed i would be out of business in March 2017. My thank you for providing cards/certifications for their put mine out of business..think about all the smoke shops that will have to close This initiative is totally in favor of dispensaries to the detriment of the patients.

    • Robert Hempaz, Phd Trichometry on

      Not so, Karlton. The people who have a vested interest in the “testing” of Cannabis “felons” will stand to lose the most from the Recreational initiative. Ditto for “rehabilitation” vested interests. Why? Because the initiative does away with the scientifically unproven method of detecting metabolites in a worker, an arrestee, your mother, your sister, your brother and on down the line. Read the petition, people. If you are “Pro-Freedom”, you will be “For Recreational Cannabis” in Az come Nov 8th … irrespective of what projections the dispensaries are expected to sell in the future.

  3. Bruce on

    This is great to read this article. I hope this measure falls flat on its face. Then all the greedy dispensary owners that are flooding the market with garbage will hopefully lose a big chunk of change for having supported this garbage. Vote No, No to MPP. Any type of legalization without real cultivation rights to the people should never have been considered in the first place.

    • Robert Hempaz, Phd Trichometry on

      Untrue, Bruce. Dispensary owners are business people just like everyone else. Just because someone else placed their capital on the line, and did not receive an official appointment from Governor Ducey himself, does not mean the operation of a dispensary is smooth sailing. On the contrary, the price of dweeb is expected to drop come Recreational legalization. From seed to sale, tax goes into the State’s coffers. Recently, Az conjured up an initiative called Prop 123 that was sold to the sheeple. That measure raided the original land trust set up by the enablers when Arizona became a state in 1910. Let the people grow, Bruce. Forget about the dispensaries. They will always be there, they may make money, but who cares! I’ll be tending to my own personal (12) plants. With that, I will have enough medical stash to NOT have to visit a dang dispensary and pay the $90 or so for an 1/8th of WHAT?

  4. Zach Ocker on

    Yeah I’m definitely not passing this horrible law that will screw over patients, recreational users, the industry, and likely the movement as well just because we have other bad laws in place already. Mpp is screwing over the people for the sake of a very few. No thanks!

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