Arkansas delays licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries

Arkansas will wait until early next year to award the first dispensary licenses, the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission announced.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The panel had planned to meet this week to announce the dispensary scores, but on Tuesday it pushed back that meeting until Jan. 9 to allow newly appointed commissioners time to be briefed on the issues. Earlier this month, a member of the state’s MMJ commission resigned, leaving only two commissioners to oversee the program.
  • In August, the commission hired a Boston-based consultant to grade the more than 200 applications for the state’s first dispensaries.
  • The rollout of the Arkansas MMJ market has been plagued by delays, including legal hang-ups and licensing hiccups.

Under the constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2016, Arkansas can license no more than 32 dispensaries to sell medical marijuana.

The commission in July awarded five licenses for businesses to grow medical marijuana, and some product is expected to be ready for store shelves by April.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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11 comments on “Arkansas delays licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries
  1. Kelly Taylor on

    I am tired of the delays. There seems to be a “legit” reason each pushback. Voters are growing weary and less confident in the higher ups that make the decisions. Promises continue to be broken. Please remind me of the date voters voted for this to pass and how much time (years) have gone by and patients continue to suffer! Over 6,000 +patients have submitted $50 to the Health Department + costs going to a canibus approved provider to sign off on the application. Two years have passed and we have received ZERO privileges for that money spent. Is someone receiving interest on our money that keeps getting delayed? Come on people, do what’s right and quit dragging your feet! We are real people that have patiently waited to get pain relief the natural way…..24 + months and counting! Does anyone care about the patients? Everyone has met their deadlines except the commission. Why? Our pain is not delayed, Please do what’s right and get with it and get these cultivators in place and growing and the despendaries up and running… have their money too! Has this become less about the people and more about letting go of power and making money? If so, shame on you, shame on you!
    [email protected]

  2. jd avery on

    asa h. is ex “DEA” and he appointed opponents to “MMJ” to the commission…dragging their feet is part of the plan….can you say…”WEAPONIZED BUREAUCRACY”……….

  3. Samantha on

    The delay is ridiculous and hope this storm is driving everyone nuts.justmake a decision and stop making anybody that wait.people with any disability and knows that this is their medicine is giving everyone anxiety depression and PTSD so it’s just making people worse.peaceloveand happiness from a fellow veteran in need of help stat.thanks for all you do to this nation.we just need to come together and be whole again.teamwork and communication is everyone’s goals.merry Christmas and happy New mas!

  4. Kerry on

    This whole thing is totally ignorant. The American Medical Association has published for years about the benefits of MMJ. Pain management, appetite management, Reduction of cancer tumors, assists the body in accepting skin graphs, ect. ect. I’m an AIDS patient. I can’t sleep because of nerve damage and I can’t eat without feeling sick to my stomach. I’ve had a card in other states and never have I come across this problem of getting a card with no viable means of getting product. Patients would either have to obtain it illegally locally, or get it legally in another state and run afoul of federal laws. Only thing I can say is W.T.F.!!!

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