Arkansas picks Boston firm to rank medical marijuana applicants

Arkansas picked a Boston-based consultant to grade the 200-plus applications submitted for the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission decided to outsource dispensary license scoring to a third-party group after a controversial cultivation licensing process earlier this year.

Public Consulting Group was one of just two companies to respond to a request the state issued to 30 companies it believed could grade the cannabis-vending proposals, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The need for scoring help arose in July after commissioners graded 83 proposals for five available growing licenses and a wave of unsuccessful applicants then alleged commissioner bias, scoring errors and regulators’ failure to verify claims made in applications.

Public Consulting Group must submit the final scores 30 days after receiving the applications.

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17 comments on “Arkansas picks Boston firm to rank medical marijuana applicants
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    The old slavers do not have the moral rectitude to administer the most important and useful plant known to humanity. This is just more foot dragging and political vile.

  2. Robert Sipes on

    It would be easy to claim incompetence of ASA and others in the good ol boys system in Arkansas. After all there is a long history of backward thinking here. But the reality is that there has been a not too well concealed opposition to the will of the people within the state of Arkansas. This issue was voted on two years ago. Step aside you self righteous hypocrites, you lost.

  3. PEGGY on

    Amen…he never wanted medical marijuana and picked a bunch of his buffoons to grade the dispensaries! And now people will suffer and die while we have to pay some outside company to do what those idiots couldn’t!!

  4. Johnny M Cox on

    So when do we expect this issue to finally be settled??? It’s been two years already, and I was approved almost two years ago, come October. So when will we finally see an end to this mess???

    • Bob Frye on

      I would like to know what the law is for dragging your feet on a voted in law! Because two years is a little bit of a joke. Oklahoma just voted it in a they will have it before us.

    • Mike jordan on

      The law provides that individuals who do not have a dispensary within a certain distance from where they live can request that they be able to grow their own. I would expect that any such request would turned down herein lies the possibility of a lawsuit.

      I would like to pursue this and will be sending my request in the near future. Anyone would like to join me in Pershing this can contact me at [email protected]

  5. Colby Maneritch on

    I got 2 charges since I been approved for medical got caught with 2 joints one time n other got caught with one already had to pay 1600 for a lawyer just on one charge no got to hire another for other charge they want me to do 90 days n jail for 3 joints just because they did not tax the weed I had

  6. KK on

    Can I sue the state for having to manage 5 chronic diseases deemed medical marijuana worthy? For two years now!!! I dont want yo ne a slave to the pharmaceutical industry anymore! Those are the drugs that could kill me! The way they have felt with this is indicative to how they run the state in general. Shame!

  7. Vote democratic this election for a change on

    There are plenty of cultivation grows in the US that can fill our dispensaries now, just as simple two state governments working together.
    The dispensaries could have be fill in 2017

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