Arkansas lawmakers approve new marijuana consultant, application rules

Arkansas lawmakers approved a rule to allow the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission to hire a consultant who will review hundreds of applications for licenses it has received from cannabis dispensaries.

The approval comes after the state awarded licenses to five marijuana cultivation companies last week after a court injunction suspending the licensing process was lifted.

The move to hire a consultant was in part prompted by allegations of impropriety during the cultivation application process.

The Arkansas Legislative Council’s executive subcommittee on Thursday green-lighted the rule allowing the MMJ commission to hire the consultant for reviewing and scoring dispensary applications.

The panel also approved a rule that would allow it to keep unsuccessful applications for growing and selling marijuana active for two years. The move would allow the next-highest-scoring company to be awarded a license if a permit is revoked.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Arkansas lawmakers approve new marijuana consultant, application rules
  1. Voter on

    I’ve seen and read articles calling for the removal of ALL state branches of government from governor to state reps to any and every re elect positions. I must agree and say it’s no longer about republicans and democratics. It’s about who will do their jobs in office. This crop of turds in Arkansas hasn’t or it would of gotten medical marijuana off ground a lot sooner. I myself believe this movement needs to be done to put fear into those who run , I better do job or I will be out of office next term. To all those running against recumbent, I’d hit hard on this issue alone . This needs to be done to assure Arkansan Voices are heard with the fear of losing jobs

  2. Richard on

    Amen! Politicians and the media have us all at each other’s throats. Forget political parties and get back to firing politicians who don’t follow the will of the people. We voted for MMJ so start acting like your seats are hot because they are for this voter.

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