Effort in Arkansas to add nearly 40 medical marijuana conditions falls short

An Arkansas legislative committee shelved an effort to more than triple the conditions that would qualify patients to use medical cannabis, a move that likely would have resulted in a more robust market.

The proposal to expand the conditions list from 18 to 57 did not receive a motion to advance out of the House Rules Committee to the floor.

The measure would have added asthma, attention deficit disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury and several other conditions.

The 18 current conditions include chronic pain, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Tourette syndrome, Crohn’s disease, severe arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Arkansas recently licensed 32 companies to sell medical marijuana, and sales are expected to begin around April.

Roughly 7,000 patients have signed up for the program so far in advance of MMJ becoming available in the state.

Arkansas voters in 2016 legalized medical cannabis.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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6 comments on “Effort in Arkansas to add nearly 40 medical marijuana conditions falls short
  1. Jason C on

    I agree, we are the laughing stock of the US once again. Oklahoma votes it in and a few months later it’s operational. Ours was voted in on November of 2016 and it’s still not available. Mind boggling!!!

  2. Billy Coleman on

    The efforts to delay or stop medical marijuana in Arkansas are a direct result of Gov. Asa Hutchinson and ignorant politicians intent on fight the will of voters. If you vote for an incumbent Arkansas politician you are voting for the destruction of the medical marijuana program. Vote all these sorry b*stards out. Otherwise move to Oklahoma.

  3. Carroll Owens on

    Cannot wait for the next voting cycle. Out you go. And why did they put a cop on the board? This is the biggest joke. People voted, government controls.

  4. Rahul Ananda on

    I totally agree. I always support our great state and it’s governor. But I’am not voting for mr. Asa. Anymore. I’am 69 years of age and thinking about moving to the greater state of Oklahoma ? . Wish I could sue the state of Arkansas for making me suffer without my choice of meds.

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