Arkansas to activate medical cannabis cards Feb. 15

Patients who registered for Arkansas’ medical marijuana program will see their cards become active next week, but dispensaries in the state likely won’t have the ability to sell MMJ to them until April at the soonest.

The active ID cards could potentially allow eager patients to travel to neighboring Oklahoma – which allows reciprocity for out-of-state cardholders – despite warnings against traveling across state lines with medical marijuana.

The cards become active Feb. 15. So far, roughly 7,000 patients have signed up for the state’s medical cannabis program.

More information about MMJ identification cards in Arkansas can be found here.

7 comments on “Arkansas to activate medical cannabis cards Feb. 15
  1. Dan Troxel on

    Although the very earliest a dispensary will be opened is in April, why weren’t the cards not provided a FULL year of use, rather than making them legal for only 10 months, before being forced to renew them? Should the dispensary in my area not open until the Summer of 2019, then their validity has been shortened even more so.
    Not all patients are able to travel to Cotton Plant or Oklahoma for that matter, nor spend the additional resources for a temporary 30-day card there.

  2. jd on

    i wouldn’t advise traveling back from oklahoma to arkansas….there is,what i’ve always referred to as the “”gauntlet”” miles and miles of hiding place for state troopers and worse-highway patrol.they arkansas tags heading back ,they think that is proper probable cause ,which it isn’t……i know we need medicine,but there are other ways ….most are good cops ,but there is always that one over zealous jurk,out to make name for themselves……i’m not advocating a crime but someone told me about skymall,,,,but,now your dealing with U.S. postal marshal….it just ain’t worth it….crap scares me to death…… advice is to be patient…..good luck and GOD bless

    • Kavan Kilgore on

      That varies in every state. Even OK has zips $160 up to $400. States like Oregon, who have had a program 20 years have ounces as low as $50. The number is dependent on cost to produce, supply and quality.

  3. jd on

    got mine yesterday…now….where’s the medicine…..2-3 more months without medicine and now the card will have a use deficit of less than 12 months,,,can’t arkansas do anything right???

  4. Marvin Boling on

    Well, it wasn’t here before and we survived so why prematurely get the card before availability and shorten the life of the card. Just wait till april fools day and see how it goes.


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