Arkansas gov warns medical cannabis patients not to bring legal purchases over state line

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is cautioning medical marijuana patients there that buying MMJ products from licensed stores elsewhere to take back across state borders is against state and federal laws.

That warning could be especially unwelcome news for marijuana businesses in neighboring Oklahoma, which allows out-of-state cardholders to purchase MMJ at its licensed dispensaries.

Here’s a rundown of the current situation:

  • Hutchinson’s note came after Arkansas regulators announced last week they would issue medical marijuana identification cards to patients earlier than the previously announced date.
  • Some had concluded the move to give ID cards to Arkansans earlier could be a boon to Oklahoma cannabis businesses just across the state border, since Arkansas has seen significant delays in the launch of its own medical cannabis program.
  • There was also conjecture that the regulatory move in Arkansas was perhaps connected to recent news reports highlighting Oklahoma’s reciprocity law.

More details on the governor’s comments about Arkansans buying out-of-state marijuana can be found here.

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20 comments on “Arkansas gov warns medical cannabis patients not to bring legal purchases over state line
    • William David Sharp on

      Mr Governor — if you would do what the citizens voted for instead constantly throwing up roadblocks all would be well. You and the Ark. government have once again made the people of Arkansas look stupid for voting for such old brown nose a**wipes.

    • Charles Dobbs on

      Well Gov,If All the Corrupt AR politicians would be removed from office, We the Patients would Not of had to wait almost 3 yrs to get the medicine WE voted for.

    • GES on

      How do you FINGER that the patients in good ole AR. Have any rights??
      Only people that can’t work or are disable will want to get mmj
      We are not rich.
      Will it be like OK. When it is for sale?? So stinking high a price that we can’t afford it. Then who wins.
      Look at Ok. List of people- 33000. Now look at AR. List – 6700. The list is big in ok. Because they can grow it at home. Ar. Can not. No body wins. And the Ar. Government doesn’t care. I say we all get together. All 6700 of us in Ar. And move to California or any state that we chose to be free of the commy party.

  1. Clifton Middleton on

    The politicians in Arkansas are the same old slave masters from the past and are proud, proud to be racist, law and order types. Conservative religious folk like to see punishment of anyone, to them it is entertainment and the God of Vengeance himself will reward them in kind.

    • Kay Dian on

      Well said, sir. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. It was a very accurate description of the callousness of conservative Arkansas politicians and the hypocrisy of its so-called evangelical base. Together they make a mockery of democracy. We want to end our suffering and we, the people, have spoken. Dispense with the stall tactics and implement the amendment.

  2. Sam Flocks on

    His statements are consistent with the laws concerning possession.
    BUT what do you expect from the former head of the DEA. I think he should be imprisoned for violation of basic human rights for his imprisonment of people for drug usage. He is nothing more than a good old boy baptist who wants to control our behavior.

  3. James Funderburk on

    I’m a good ol boy Baptist,but I’m certainly not racist and I will be a medical marijuana user…..if they ever get their crap together. I agree about ass but it’s not religions fault

  4. Burnett on

    Can I come thru with my legally prescribed fentanyl, oxy or norco? Just wondering because these 3 have killed more people than cannabis ever will. So much ignorance and yet you are smart enough to govern a state!

    • Russ on

      Oh you hit the complete leaders of the intire state with that one. They could care less. It is all about getting control, which will lead to money for them.

  5. Robert Herrington on

    Get a motel , camper , tent , support Oklahoma tourism ??? Am I hearing you correctly governor ! It’s high time this passed on a Federal level, and give all American Patients the same rights !

    • trevor tinsley on

      The only way Arkansas is going to get Marijuana use is If it passes on a federal level our vote means nothing to the people we have elected I will not vote for any incumbent even if it means voting democratic they have had there entire term and have done nothing

  6. Jenn on

    Enough knuckle dragging. Your citizens legally voted to have legal medicine. This just shows the world that politicians do not care about their people.

  7. Nathan Whitaker on

    March 20, 2019 and still we don’t have the medical marajuana that we voted for 3 years ago.
    Crooked b*stards!
    They’ve played games for 3 years ,we need to start a class action lawsuit.

    • Jeff Allen on

      Class action lawsuit that’s an extremely good idea I hope somebody with the brains can look into this. I can’t I have MS

  8. Bryan Adams on

    Arkansas idiots . pass a med marijuana law and then take 3 yrs or longer to have it abailable, then they tell us we can’t grow our own. How about those of us that can’t afford the HIGH cost at do so. Arkansas will always be bass awkward idiots. I’m moving to ok. Cause ark is always going to be 20 yrs behind on it. They are trying to figure out how to control the whole dann thing. Free the weed.

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