Out-of-state medical marijuana patients can buy in OK, so does that affect AR?

(This story has been updated to note that Arkansas residents approved for medical cannabis cards have not yet received them.)

Out-of-state medical marijuana cardholders qualify for temporary licenses to purchase cannabis products in Oklahoma, and that could lead to an uptick in sales for the state’s MMJ retailers and growers.

Patients with valid out-of-state medical marijuana IDs qualify for a $100, 30-day renewable temporary license that allows them to buy, use or grow MMJ in the Sooner State, according to TV station KTHV.

The allowance for out-of-state patients could eventually attract customers from neighboring Arkansas, where nearly 6,500 people have been approved for MMJ cards, according to Little Rock-based KTHV. Those Arkansas residents have not received their cards yet, however.

The medical marijuana market in Arkansas has been plagued by delays.

Oklahoma moved quickly to establish a business-friendly commercial cannabis market after voters approved medical marijuana in June 2018.

20 comments on “Out-of-state medical marijuana patients can buy in OK, so does that affect AR?
  1. jim on

    Sure would be nice but we haven’t received our cards yet. And I don’t think OK is going to accept the letter I got saying that my application was approved. So I will just have to keep the local drug dealers in business for the time being.

    • jd on

      no,but here’s the big deal—-if ,once you get a card,the dispensary’s will soon run low on product.driving prices up…..the black market will be poised to move in…could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective….they(gov’)lie and delay,they propagandize information and play with peoples lives and health for power,control and money….and still they wonder why people take advantage of bureaucratic loopholes………….rest assured that “hpd” will be very busy on (I 40) to and from ft smith.be smart and choose a safer route…….the state line thing is a federal felony…….

    • DOBBER on

      Actually once it’s legal prices will eventually drop and you will still go to the dealer instead of paying 25% tax. Unless your getting shatter or concentrate which is 87-95%;pure THC 4 vape hits will have you praying to God even if you don’t even believe in him. 200 hits per $50 cartridge $22-35 in Colorado

    • Angela Denise on

      I agree with that but for some being legal and using less to be legal in many cases is what will be necessary. I mean who wants to live on zanex which is hell to come off of. At least then you could be legal buy illegal. It is crazy do these lawmakers not get it that they are creating chaos!

  2. Farah Bazzrea on

    i think the entire idea of charging citizens for the “right” to fill their prescriptions is scandalous. why don’t they charge an annual fee for having opioid prescriptions filled?

    just more govt stupidity

  3. C. Lewis on


    • james on

      The cole memorandum states that the federal government will not attempt to prosecute people in possession of marijuana if the states they are in has legalized marijuana.

  4. John on

    I live with chronic pain. And I just had minor brain and ear drum surgery for abenign tumor. The headaches and constant pain in my neck make it hard. They had me on so many pain meds. But I had to stop, I don’t want to be on them anymore. I live in West Virginia where they can’t get their crap together for this medical marijuana bill that was passed quite sometime ago. I can’t get a card in PA, MD or in my own state and don’t understand why? I won’t support the local drug dealer and won’t take a chance on hurting my family. So I just deal with it. Too bad I don’t live in Oklahoma.

  5. John on

    These is ridiculous, Vagas is the only state where u can buy mmj with a out of state mmj card. I’ve been to alot of states and tried. Now they want u to pay $100 for a 30 temporary MMJ card for when you’re out of state … Meds are meds. You can take your prescription of opiates any state in the United States and get it filled but you can’t get your medical cannabis filled anywhere in the United States what a joke thanks to our worthless government …

  6. Rebecca Baglin on

    Arkansas took my money and my prescription in February I received my medical card on March 16th and it expires on March 13 2020 and it is now may 7th and there is still no dispensary open in this state I feel like I was mugged for 200 bucks I’m in pain management and you now have to have a medical card if you use marijuana to help with pain and the PTSD from living in unmanageable pain if you’re in pain management and insurance will not pay for the appointment so it’s $150 a year to be certified and another $50 for the card so in 10 months I’ll have to pay all over again to keep my card and I can’t even get my prescription but they took my money it seems criminal or a scam

  7. Mike on

    Arkansas should be sued for what the state is doing to their residents. It is ridiculous charging $150 for a doctor to fill out a form then $50 a year for a mm card. Is that a requirement to get an opioid prescription???? NO! The whole process is disgusting.

  8. Misty on

    I am from Oklahoma and took my family to Petit Jean State Park to go camping this past weekend. Within the first two hours we had the park ranger at our campsite asking where the weed was at. My husband & mother in law both have their license and brought some home grown and 1/2 oz of some bought from our regular dispensary. They confiscated his medicine and gave him a citation for possession. They told us it had to be purchased from a dispensary in the state of Arkansas. We were advised as of July 19th 2019 there were 6 dispensaries approved with only 3 dispensaries open state wide. He has had both hips replaced one in Nov 2018 & one in March 2019. He does not take the opoids subscribed to him instead he smokes his green and is able to keep on going to work as a plumber. So we are out $250 worth of medicine and probably a fine of $400 (dont know how much $ as of Mon 7/22).


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