AR marijuana dispensaries could offer edibles, concentrates next week

Cannabis-infused edibles, concentrates and vape cartridges are expected to hit dispensaries in Arkansas sometime in the next several days, and the rules for the products are similar to those in other medical and adult-use marijuana markets.

Robert Lercher, a spokesman for Bold Team, a licensed producer/processor, says it intends to have those products available by the end of next week.

According to rules set by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which regulates medical marijuana in Arkansas:

  • Cultivators and dispensaries can’t process or manufacture edibles that are “likely to appeal to minors,” which includes “candy, cookies and brownies.”
  • Edibles also can’t be modeled after foods primarily consumed by or marketed to children, or be in familiar shapes such as animals, vehicles or characters.
  • Edibles can’t be manufactured by adding cannabinoid products to commercially available items, though MMJ patients can buy extracts and add them to those products at home.
  • Edibles can’t be sold in non-childproof packaging or containers that might appeal to children by their shape, color, taste or design. Packaging must employ what is referred to as muted colors and simple designs.

The state’s long-awaited medical marijuana program kicked off last weekend.

The first two medical cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas sold more than $93,000 in product in the program’s first three days.

– Associated Press

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3 comments on “AR marijuana dispensaries could offer edibles, concentrates next week
  1. Lloyd Tilley on

    What do I have to do to purchase either edibles or tinctures? I am 62 years old and have severe arthritis and the pain that goes with it. I’m looking for some kind of relief besides opiods. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • r Sunderman on

      You must have a doctor certify that you qualify for medical marijuana per the state law, and have the doctor sign an application. You then send the signed application to the Arkansas Dept of Health along with payment of $50 (I think you may be able to do this online). Once approved, you will receive your Medical Marijuana patient card, which you must present, along with your drivers’ license at any licensed dispensary in the state. You can either buy the edibles or tinctures if available, or buy the whole plant, decarboxlyze it, make cannabis, butter, cannabis oil, and use that in your own recipes for baked goods, drinks or other foods, or make your own tincture with it, and use a dropper to administer under your tongue.

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