Long-awaited medical marijuana sales begin in Arkansas

Arkansas’ first medical marijuana dispensary opened Saturday, marking the debut of  MMJ sales roughly 2½ years after voters approved a legalization referendum in 2016.

Doctors Orders Rx in Hot Springs opened its doors and was quickly followed Sunday morning by Green Springs Medical, also in Hot Springs, according to Little Rock TV station KLRT.

Green Springs was able to open a day earlier than planned.

Patients welcomed the start of MMJ sales after many roadblocks, but some customers were frustrated by confusion over the dispensaries’ hours, slow tracking software and worries that not everyone would be able to purchase product by closing time.

State officials said they expect to approve more dispensaries over the next week.

To read more about the launch of MMJ sales in Arkansas, click here.

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3 comments on “Long-awaited medical marijuana sales begin in Arkansas
  1. Tom Anthony on

    Wow, what a ripoff! It’s as bad, or worse than the pharma industry.
    It’s no wonder every profiteer under the sun, wants a piece of the action.
    I think it’s organized crime.
    It’s an aristocracy of privilege, that is antithetical to rational medical concern.
    Play me some Peter Tosh, please!


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