Arkansas medical marijuana sales hit $10 million since Jan. 1

Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries sold $10 million in the first six weeks of 2020, according to state data released Friday.

The pace of sales was faster than anticipated.

“While there was some uncertainty regarding sustained strong sales in 2020, the numbers we receive daily show that sales are not only strong but continue to significantly expand,” Scott Hardin, spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

The first dispensary in Arkansas opened May 11, 2019, while the most recent one opened its doors Feb. 3.

As of Thursday, Arkansas dispensaries had sold 5,904 pounds of medical marijuana totaling $38 million since the opening day of legal sales.

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One comment on “Arkansas medical marijuana sales hit $10 million since Jan. 1
  1. Jack Christian on

    When I lived in Arkansas, not even a decade ago, getting pulled over with a joint in the glovebox was enough to pretty much ruin your entire life. This is huge.

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