Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission requests AG’s legal help

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission wants the state attorney general’s office to provide it with legal advice instead of the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Division.

The commission has received legal guidance from ABC attorneys since it was formed in 2016.

But the commission’s chairwoman, Ronda Henry-Tillman, has asked Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office to provide legal counsel, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Several commission members have questioned the ABC staff’s handling of medical marijuana cultivation license applications and raised concerns about communication between the commission and ABC staff.

Scott Hardin of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, which oversees the commission and ABC, said the division will soon transition into an enforcement role, regulating medical cannabis growing facilities and dispensaries.

ABC will still provide administrative support to the commission, Hardin said.

– Associated Press

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6 comments on “Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission requests AG’s legal help
  1. Mike Hogan Sr on

    Me as a paitient whoes having to take high doses of pain meds to have any quality of life ,i suffer from multilevel Rethrothesis of the spine disc bulges all the way down to my Forminal whith a broad based bulge im having to take 100mg MsContin 2 x daily and oxycodone 10/325 3 x a daily for break thru pain and now 10mg flexiril im in constant pain even after taking thease poisonous drugs when they mentioned Medical Marijuana i was first in line to vote yes i cant stand taking pills im forced to take life sustaning meds for my type 2 diabetes also bp and heart meds ive got 4 stents and one bypass surgery in Aug 2016 i just got out of Hospital with another Heart Attack on the 3rd of October We need this alternative medicine everytime i take that 100mg morphine i think is this the one thats going to cause an overdoes its like Russian Roulette and ive been approved for a medical marijuana card ive got several qualifications so yeah Dr Dane Flippin Progressive Med Clinic took one look at my records and said yeah hell yeah you qualify as a paitient here i sit 2 years later waiting to either die from overdose or praying for medical cannabis to come thru so i can ditch thease poisonous pill ive managed to only take one 100mg morphine a day instead of 2 plus the oxy helps inbetween because id rather hurt than take to much opiates if i had medical cannabis i wouldnt have to worry about overdosing Please Arksas Government We the paitients are waiting patiently but for Gods sake Hurry up quit dragging your heels lives depend on it .

    • David on

      How can we as patient pool together and Sue the state of Arkansas for taking so long to give voters what they voted for and patients what they need I think it’d be a good class action suit but I’m not a liar just another patient suffering

  2. Janet Porter on

    I agree. Medical marijuana is legal and my last hope for pain relief. Im out $350 siince 12/2017. No card and no dispensary. I want my money back. This is a joke. The street dealer can get it for you from other states because you all keep dragging your feet. Sh*t or get off the pot.

  3. Shawn De'Leon on

    Yeah I just gave up 250.00 for just an approval. Letter that said my card will be mail one month before the first Despensary. Opens up I have grand mal seziers But no one can tell me what month this Despensary. Will open MMJ WILL HELP ME AVOID. FURTHER. LIVER DAMAGE DUE TO ALL THE MEDS I TAKE EVERY DAY # TO THE POWERS THAT BE! PLEASE HELP I GOT ENOUGH Medical issues don’t need. Liver failure Too Fr. Just a regular guy who needs a natural way to survive ???God Bless

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