Arkansas medical marijuana program could launch within days

A medical cannabis dispensary in Arkansas received state approval to open, setting the stage for an imminent start to sales for the long-awaited medical marijuana program.

Doctors Orders RX of Hot Springs got its final OK from state regulators on Friday.

“Doctors Orders is the first to receive approval,” Arkansas MMJ spokesman Scott Hardin wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

“The dispensary’s owners may now decide which day this will take place.”

Doctors Orders did not respond immediately for comment on when it plans to open.

A second dispensary, Green Springs Medical, also of Hot Springs, is scheduled for a final inspection by state regulators on May 9.

The state has not scheduled any other inspections yet, Hardin wrote. Arkansas has licensed 32 dispensaries.

It’s unclear how much supply will be available initially, as growers just recently started harvesting flower.

Arkansas voters legalized medical marijuana in 2016, but the program has seen a variety of challenges in getting off the ground.

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8 comments on “Arkansas medical marijuana program could launch within days
  1. Jill Elizabeth Sparks on

    They have their license and its up to them to set an opening day!!!! How bout Monday??? Please let me know when “they” decide to open…people are dying and “THEY” decide???!! Incredible. If they have ANY empathy, they will open as soon as they get anything and be ready for a HUGE crowd since NWA is getting, supposedly, not opening til June!!! Come on Acanza, LLC!!!! This madness has to stop!!! PLEASE???? Let US have our medicine!!! You have the choice to rush the process or lag behind! Roll it out now!!! Lives are being lost…so please open and let the greed go!!! “When you give, you begin to live”!!!??????

  2. john o kennedy on

    Our governor here in Arkansas is Asa Hutchinson ex-head of the DEA.
    His son has a severe alcohol problem and is currently facing multiple DUI’S.
    Asa can’t seem to take care of his son but he sure is doing a good job interfering with the will of the voters in this state concerning pot.
    I will have to drive 3.5 hrs one way in my 15 yr old truck to buy medical marijuana thanks to the efforts of Asa Hutchinson.

  3. Jeannette on

    This whole process has dragged on for years since the voters approved it. While the government gets its ducks in a row to make sure it gets maximum return on each prescription those of us with medical issues that this drug can help suffer. I have metastatic breast cancer in my bone marrow and stomach cancer. I’m in pain! Shame on you Asa. Your greed is hurting the people you serve. Do your job. For heaven’s sake!

  4. Jeanna Poniewaz on

    Yes, I love the beauty of our state but the “good ole boys” of this state are stupid and uneducated and only care about money. I don’t intend to purchase cannabis from stores which has anyone on their boards who negatively affected individuals with fines and prison on the 3 strike rules. Trust me, I will find out. So all u judges or individuals working for state agencies who invested in cannabis will be boycotted.


    forget about waiting for these idiots to get their act together, keep your local dealer in business, hes been doing it all these years without the governments”help”, This whole thing is very exhausting, it is much simpler just to go to the local dealer and get your medicine, instead of paying $250 for permission to use non existent medicine, and then having to wait for it , travel to it and wait in line to get it if they even have it! not a good supplier of medicine for someone with epilepsy

  6. Andrea Hedge on

    Arkansas has been ridiculous with getting this medicine to its patients! Now they only open 1 dispensary, only harvest 200lbs! They DO NOT care about the people who need this. They DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS so badly that they are doing everything in their power to prolong getting this in effect! They are making sure they don’t have enough supply for 10,500 patients who need it. Ive had my medical card since Feb 15th and I paid for something I’m not going to be able to receive for a long time. None of the other states are having such issues. They are making this hard on purpose because they didn’t want to have it in the first place, and now they have to because they accidentally let us vote yes for it.

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