Arkansas OKs second medical cannabis grower as market launch nears

(This story has been updated to correct the amount of marijuana that dispensaries will be allowed to sell each patient.)

Arkansas regulators approved a second cultivation facility and said they expect to start final inspections of dispensaries by early April as the launch of the state’s medical marijuana program nears.

“We anticipate a limited number of dispensaries – less than five – may be open and selling product by the end of April,” Scott Hardin, spokesman for the Arkansas MMJ program, wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

“The industry should really begin to take off as we enter late spring and summer,” he added.

Here are the latest details on the program:
  • Osage Creek Cultivation in Carroll County became the second cultivator granted approval from the state to begin growing plants. Final approval is expected later this week for a third cultivator, Natural State Medicinals Cultivation, located in Jefferson County.
  • Bold Team in Cotton Plant (Woodruff County) began growing in early January. In all, state regulators have licensed five cultivators.
  • Patients were allowed to begin activating their medical marijuana cards in mid-February in anticipation of a possible late April launch. There currently are 7,640 approved patients, according to Hardin. Each will be allowed to purchase 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every 14 days.
  • State regulators licensed 32 dispensaries in early February. These businesses must pass a final inspection before opening. While state regulators say they expect to begin final inspections by April, some dispensaries will take longer to open since they are building from the ground up.

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13 comments on “Arkansas OKs second medical cannabis grower as market launch nears
  1. Candy Walsh on

    I have been waiting to apply for my card until the MMJ is actually available, but I have a couple of questions. Can my pain management or the specialist I see sign the consent form for me to get my card? Also, I know insurance will not cover this but how much can I expect to pay on average for the 1.5 ounces every 14 days?
    Thanks so much for the information and for all you do to keep us updated, I know myself and many others have waited a long time for this to alleviate some of the pain we deal with every single day.

  2. jd on arkansas,,,,,arkansas deptment of health/mmj,,,,,,acia/mmj (arkansas cannabis industry association),,,420 news,,,leafly news and strains,,,,mj business daily,,,,high times magazine….be your own best advocate,,,,the people that wait till the last minute will make supply run short for the rest of us,,,as they only grow to an estimated need,,and you johnny come lately’s,makes it look like there’s no rel interest for the program,,,,,,,sorry to be kurt,,,but all you’ve done is wait,,while the rest of us have been working our asses off,advocating and researching,,,,,,,,arkansas is known nation wide for being lazy,,,this is just one more example,,,,,,no wonder the world thinks we’re a bunch-a counrty hicks in bib overalls/barefoot with a peice of srtaw hangin’ out our mouth….(jimmy dean sausage character),,,,,,,,,,,,be your own best advocate,,,,please,,,and if youcan’t help it,,i’m sorry,,then this aint for you ,but all the others this describes…..if we’d pushed harder,,it would already be hear,,,,,think of the lives suffering and lost,,,,,,,god helps those who help themselves…….sorry your sick

    • Kim L on

      You can thank your ‘lazy ass’ Arkansas government for the 2 and a half year circus of delays. They’ve done everything to stop it whereas OK has theirs up and running less than a year after voted in. Let’s get this going and remember these people holding us up at ELECTION TIME!!!

    • Candy on

      I don’t believe it has anything to do with us “pushing harder”, we’re the ones that voted for it and need it. It’s the higher ups that have made this take extremely too long when it should’ve been up and running a long time ago. The reason I haven’t gotten my card yet is because I’ve heard of them expiring before people had a chance to even use them. The definition of Arkansans is yours not mine, I’m not even from here and only moved here 9 yrs ago because of being transferred. I’m sorry is my seemingly uneducated questions riled you, that certainly wasn’t my intention.

  3. Joni on

    They keep posting conflicting info on the different sites on when we will be able to buy. Arkansas is so far behind times this should have been up and going a long time ago. Remember the ones in Little Tock when elections come around again and dont vote them into office again. All they are doing is taking money and causing delays. Just get the product in and open the dang dispensaries already. Not 1 other state has ever taken over 3 years from voting for it to getting it up and running.

  4. Ernest Miller on

    I’m encouraged to hear that by the end of the month Arkansas will finally launch our long awaited medical marijuana program. Obviously there’s a host of things I could complain about, but for a little while there I was concerned that law makers may find a way to end the program before it even started. I believe that’s what all the waiting has been about. According to the ballot that voted for, we originally were supposed to have the program in place 60 days after the election. Why has it taken so long? Political resistance. This state receives millions to house inmates on drug charges. Medical marijuana definitely will take away from that funding. Hopefully the bill about marijuana possession of an ounce or less being a fine instead of a misdemeanor passes. I haven’t heard anything about that in a couple of weeks. I would appreciate any information about the bill if it’s available.

  5. J Kelly on

    Do you have any information on any organizations or non-profits that assist with medical marijuana costs. Weren’t a portion of the taxes paid for the product suppose to go to assistance programs for low income people?

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