Arkansas sets timeline for awarding medical marijuana cultivation licenses

Winners of medical marijuana cultivation licenses in Arkansas will be announced Feb. 27.

The state’s Medical Marijuana Commission has decided that in the next two weeks it will begin reviewing the 95 applications for the five available grow licenses, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The marijuana commissioners gave themselves a Feb. 20 deadline to score the applications. Winners will be announced at a public meeting the following week.
  • Grow license winners will pay a $100,000 license fee.
  • The commission received 227 dispensary applications in October. The 32 winners aren’t expected to be announced until late April.
  • Transportation license are expected to be discussed at the February commission meeting.
  • No date has been set for medical marijuana sales to begin.

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12 comments on “Arkansas sets timeline for awarding medical marijuana cultivation licenses
  1. Michael ervin on

    …why is it taking so long to make medical marijuana available to those issued by the state of Arkansas…are the people of Arkansas being lied to, cheated out of their hard earned money used to apply for licenses…are Republican lawmakers in the state attempting to make it so difficult for grow facilities and dispensaries to obtain licenses that the will of the people will be denied ?…I feel I’ve been duped into giving the state nonrefundable revenue and that pisses me off !!!…I base this feeling on one aspect…10 percent T.H.C., really ?…hell I’m better off continuing to purchase illegal marijuana that is readily available on virtually every street corner in America and with a much higher concentration of T.H.C….which is the prime driving factor in the treatment of pain…as I currently see it…we’re simply making it easier for law enforcement to know who and where we are which makes us much more likely to wind up behind bars simply because we refuse to let the government dictate the medicines we choose to use to combat pain…you can take your pharmaceuticals and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine…no one dictates my direction in life…never have and never will !!!…and despite the disclaimer that my fee is nonrefundable I intend to sue the state for misrepresentation IF they don’t honor their commitments to the people of Arkansas to provide medical marijuana and do so in a timely fashion…the people of Arkansas have spoken and now its time for the legislatures of this state to live up to their obligations to said peoples…failure to do just that will lead to actions by those who elected you to carry out the will of the people to unseat you in future elections ( starting with 2018 )…and I will put myself at the forefront of said effort…OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD ON THIS MATTER…ONE WAY OR THE OTHER…DO YOUR DAMNED JOB !!!…

  2. EW on

    Relax!! If it weren’t for all the the lawsuits and restraining orders being thrown at the DFA and MMC, the licenses would have already been issued!! It’s blow hards like you that piss me off, so take a toke and chill!

    • The last hippie on

      And what element of the for profit system that intends to rip off everyone in sight do you represent? What part of the political process do you work for?? And who cares what pisses you off??? All that matters is the gross dysfunction of the State of Arkansas which is retarding the ability of people in need to access what has been mandated by the will of the people: the voters???

      • Bill on

        You hit the nail on the head
        Look at any revenue office in Arkansas.State employees are the very essence of the Arkansas state government work ethic. SLOW , CONFUSED & UNPRODUCTIVE

    • Donald Tipton on

      No that is a lie sorry. The reason is the good ole boys wanna control down to a tee every part so they are rewriting certain aspects.

  3. The last hippie on

    This is Arkansas: lazy, ignorant, backward, and dishonest. Max. 10% THC content?? Is that true? THAT is insane!! I’d do better smoking Johnson Grass to reduce my acute pain levels than the trash they are proposing. This is taking on the form of a shameful racket … the very essence of a Republican rip-off.

  4. Disheartened voter on

    I’m trying to be patient, but its very hard. I’m on Lyrica soon to hit the 500mg a day mark. When that happens it is opiates for me. I have already been assessed for it, by my pain management doctor. I’m scared, I don’t want to go done that road. The side effects am already experiencing is so hard to manage. I feel absolutely hopeless. I have been trying to hang on, but my choices for controlling my pain is so limited. I was so excited to try another alternative, praying that medical marijuana would become available, before having to go on opiates. Now the reality is setting in, this is not going to happen, because the process is taking so long. Please, if anybody with any kind of position to speed up the process is reading this, please realize that I’m one of many who believed in a system that is failing them. The people in Arkansas are in pain, have a heart and really listen. Stop the delays and red tape and give the people of Arkansas what they voted for, give us a chance.

    • Shan on

      My pain is so intense that it is affecting my ability to work. If you don’t have it you don’t understand. I get so tired of them tearing me like I stubbed my toes so it’s nothing. My gosh it hurts and we need whatever it takes to live without constant pain.

  5. James on

    The people have spoken, so be it! If the vote was for anything else that the lawmakers and pharmaceutical company’s could make money on it would already be a done deal, but just the opposite the lobbyists for big pharmaceutical companies are in Rutledge’s pocket and want to keep the opieoide epidemic going and growing. Changing the law of the constitution is not only criminal but a down right shame! The governing body in Arkansas is so backwards, you can drink anywhere, obtain opieoides from most dr’s like there M&M’s. It’s all about the money people and the currant governing body in Arkansas is not able to see past the pharmaceutical companies to realize the medical marijuana would generate so much more revenue and not kill one single person. There’s your problem! And yes we all were ripped off buying that dr visit and the licensing fee, COME ON ARKANSAS

  6. Andrea Hedge on

    I’ve got my medical marijuana papers, just have to mail in the $50 check. My question is what is taking so long to pick people to grow and dispense? Once they pick the growers, they still have grow it! That takes months! Are we going to be able to purchase mmj this year? Why does it take months to “grade” these papers? And how are they supposed to grow weed that’s so week? 10% really, I don’t understand why it has to be so weak when the pills they prescribe are so freaking dangerous and deadly! No matter how strong the mmj will be no one will ever die or have to go rehab because of it, so why put a cap on how strong it can be?

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