Aurora Cannabis offshoot Australis Capital announces CFO departure

Australis Capital, an investment group that spun off from Canada’s Aurora Cannabis, announced the departure of Chief Financial Officer Michael Carlotti.

In a brief news release issued after market close on Jan. 17, Las Vegas-based Australis said Carlotti’s employment had been “terminated” effective Jan. 16.

The company gave no explanation for the move.

Alex Han will serve as CFO on an interim basis.

Aurora’s spinoff of then-subsidiary Australis Capital took place in 2018.

Alberta-based Aurora maintains no direct ownership in Australis but holds warrants that would allow it to acquire an ownership interest if investments in U.S. cannabis assets become permissible within 10 years.

Aurora’s shares trade as ACB on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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One comment on “Aurora Cannabis offshoot Australis Capital announces CFO departure
  1. David Lyjak on

    As soon as the Canadian legislature begins opening up the market to these companies we will see a boom from all the cannabis companies in Canada 20 per month is not enough store openings.
    I believe that one surprised is actually available to the public at Large you will see huge growth in this area.

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