Australia plans to allow medical cannabis exports

The Australian government plans to allow exports of medical marijuana in an attempt to grab a piece of growing demand for MMJ worldwide.

Regulations currently banning exports of medicinal cannabis products will be removed when Parliament resumes in February, according to ABC News.

The broadcaster reported that the changes will cover marijuana-based oils, patches, sprays, lozenges and tablets.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said his government hopes Australia can be “the world’s number one medicinal cannabis supplier.”

One condition for an export permit: Medicinal cannabis be made available to Australian patients first, Hunt said.

Australia legalized MMJ in 2016.

Australia will face tough competition in international markets from Canada, which already exports medical cannabis to more than a dozen countries.

Israel, Portugal, Colombia and Denmark also have their eye on the global market.

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One comment on “Australia plans to allow medical cannabis exports
  1. Jerry Cook on

    Australia claims legal, but then makes availability near impossible, and puts it all in the hands of BIG pHARMa, no dispensaries even considered.
    Legal use has only been given to about 350 people who are soon terminal. Many are being arrested for driving with metabolites in them, with no reference to impairment at all.

    A lot will have to change before Mr Hunts fantasy could ever even be a genuine chance. Saying one thing and actually doing the opposite is no chance, not to mention other places are years ahead already, on a major scale.

    Currently, Australia has not actually legalized this plant in practice, where everyone is subject to surprise roadblock lick testing, loss of driving license, and fined heavily, while not being impaired, without probable cause or warrant…and no checking for a wide range of BIG pHARMa and other products known to cause serious impairment.

    This is a witch hunt that denies facts, and not legal as claimed.

    Beyond belief as stupid as..all of which Mr. Hunt ignores, except to say Ozzies first..a complete lie.

    There is no way Mr Hunts claim could ever happen under current conditions.

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