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Kevin Huhn

Kevin has worked as an editor for several decades at numerous newspapers and websites across the country, including the Rocky Mountain News, the Boulder Daily Camera, the San Jose Mercury News, the Knoxville News-Sentinel and Fox Sports.

Articles by Kevin Huhn :

How to navigate consolidation in the cannabis industry

Virtually all industries follow a predictable evolutionary path, from introduction to growth to maturity to decline.

As the cannabis industry evolves from growth to maturity, it’s no surprise the market is experiencing one of the most common developments – consolidation.


Cannabis testing should focus on finished products and actual use

Marijuana and hemp regulatory bodies across the United States are shortsighted in their contaminant-testing requirements for cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

The expectation is that contaminants will be identified, quantified and effectively removed from the supply chain if the contamination is significant or exceeds specification levels.


Resilience planning is essential to the success of a cannabis business

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the existential crisis was clear – the coronavirus threatened the fabric of society and many businesses’ ability to continue to operate normally.

Marijuana was hit particularly hard: Up to 95% of cannabis vaporizer components were suddenly closed off; other supplies key to business continuation were squeezed as well, particularly when single source suppliers were involved.


What corporate earnings say about your marijuana business

Corporate earnings reports might not seem like the most thrilling reading, especially in a dynamic industry such as cannabis.

Even so, Wall Street earnings releases are worth your time – both for what they can tell you about our industry and how they can help you craft better financial communiques.