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Maggie Cowee

Maggie has 15 years of experience providing agribusiness research, analysis and education to business owners through land-grant universities, with a specialization in agricultural risk management, niche marketing and feasibility assessment. Maggie holds a master’s degree in agricultural and resource economics.

Chart: Eastern US salaries top Western compensation in cannabis

Salaries for employees of U.S. marijuana companies lean higher in East Coast markets than on the West Coast. That’s one key takeaway from a Marijuana Business Magazine survey of cannabis industry recruiters. Exceptions exist, of course, such as California, where salaries are higher than average, and Florida, where they are lower than average. Several factors […]

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Chart: Farmer and rancher perceptions of cannabis reflect nationwide acceptance

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, there’s increasing acceptance of growing and using the plant – even among conventional farmers and ranchers. In a recent Farm Journal survey, respondents said they were more comfortable with CBD and medical applications of cannabis than THC and recreational applications. Survey respondents also were more agreeable to growing than consuming […]

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Chart: Adult-use marijuana sales spike 7% on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just an opportunity to express love, it’s also an opportunity to spend – a trend that is reflected in retail marijuana expenditures in several adult-use markets. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated that total 2019 spending on Valentine’s Day gifts in the United States would exceed $20 billion, making the holiday No. 3 […]

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Chart: Despite product shortages, New Mexico medical marijuana program posts significant growth in 2018

(This story has been updated to clarify that the tabled bill would have allowed recommendations for cannabis, not prescriptions.) New Mexico’s medical marijuana program continues to grow at a blistering pace, even as supply shortages and high prices plagued the industry during 2018. The state added more than 19,000 patients in 2018 – a 41% […]

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Chart: Hawaii’s medical marijuana program on the rise, and out-of-state patients are on horizon

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient rolls continue to grow, rising 17% in 2018, with the vast majority of adults in the program seeking relief from severe pain. More than 20,000 patients 18 and older, or 85%, reported severe pain as a qualifying condition for MMJ treatment. Among those adults, severe pain was followed by persistent muscle […]

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Chart: US-affiliated medical cannabis firms led fundraising on Canadian Securities Exchange in 2018

U.S.-affiliated medical cannabis companies dominated Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) fundraising in 2018, raising nearly $2 billion through 50 equity-related deals. As of December 2018, 47% of the 124 cannabis-related companies trading on the CSE were based in the United States or had U.S. assets or interests. Cannabis-related companies in the life sciences sector – which […]

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Chart: Multistate cannabis operators rapidly expanding into new markets

The fragmented, state-by-state nature of the marijuana industry historically has been dominated by small, local players, but larger, publicly traded companies with multistate operations are becoming an increasingly prevalent force. Rapid consolidation and expansion among cannabis companies dominated 2018 with more than 300 mergers and acquisitions and a rash of reverse takeovers that allowed U.S. […]

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