Patrick Maravelias

A recent graduate from the journalism program at Cal Poly Humboldt, Patrick lives in the marijuana mecca — California’s Emerald Triangle — with his fiancé and 1-year-old son. Patrick has an extensive background in cannabis and has worked on marijuana grows as a farmhand. Prior to joining MJBizDaily as the Retail and Brands Reporter, he worked for Sinclair news stations in Redding and Eureka as a reporter and as a producer. He enjoys being outdoors and is an avid rock climber, surfer and hiker.

Articles by Patrick Maravelias :

7/10: The ‘other’ marijuana holiday boosting retail sales

Step aside, 4/20. There’s another unofficial marijuana-related holiday that retailers can take advantage of.

7/10, or “Dab Day,” is dedicated to cannabis users who prefer concentrates such as live resin, shatter or hash rosin, to name a few.


How cannabis retailers can avoid problems storing concentrates

Improper storage of cannabis concentrates can lead to major losses for store owners who are already competing in a cutthroat marijuana market with razor-thin margins.

Properly storing concentrates is especially important when retailers are often forced to sell merchandise at cost or cheaper to keep moving products moving out before they expire.