‘Blistering’ growth in German medical cannabis market

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German medical cannabis market, ‘Blistering’ growth in German medical cannabis market

Data released by a member of Germany’s Bundestag provides a rare snapshot of the quantity of medical marijuana needed to meet demand in the world’s largest federally regulated MMJ market – one that is growing at a blistering pace.

In total, 11 new applications were submitted to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) to import medical cannabis in Germany since Sept. 7, 2017. Also since that time, six license holders from Canada and the Netherlands applied to increase the amount they’re allowed to import to meet demand in Germany. 

The quantities break down like this:

  • Canadian companies applied for import quota increases or were granted new licenses totaling some 11,100 kilograms of medical cannabis.
  • Companies in the Netherlands applied for import quota increases or were granted new licenses totaling some 12,335 kilograms of medical cannabis.

The data was made public after a Bundestag member requested the information from BfArM.

Peter Homberg, partner and head of the German Life Sciences Practice at Dentons law firm, said the data verifies that the “market is growing significantly.”

“It’s significant business. That’s why a number of companies are looking to get licenses to import into Germany,” he told Marijuana Business Daily.

Canadian and Dutch medical cannabis companies are exporting a record amount of medical cannabis in their drive to establish toeholds in burgeoning overseas markets like Germany.

In 2017, Germany took in 520 kilograms of MMJ from Canada.

On Friday, Germany restarted the application process to grow medical cannabis in the country, but the amount it is calling for remains well short of anticipated demand in the coming years.

Germany will rely on imports to meet 100% of the country’s medical cannabis demand until at least 2020.

Canadian multinationals like Tilray, Cronos, Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth are establishing cultivation centers throughout Europe to meet demand, meaning more shipments will be crossing European borders in the coming years.

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