Boston Dispensary Faces Community Resistance

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Massachusetts’ first dispensary opened late last month, giving business owners hope that the long delays they’ve experienced are finally coming to an end.

Yet one dispensary looking to open in Boston has encountered a new problem that could push back its opening – and possibly make it find a new location entirely.

Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeals has delayed a decision on whether to allow Patriot Care Corp. to open a downtown dispensary after opponents voiced concerns over its location, according to the Boston Globe.

The board now plans to make a decision in early August.

Almost 60% of nearby residents are against its opening, according to a recent survey, and local law enforcement opposes the dispensary.

On top of that, the head of a business improvement group said allowing the dispensary would be “a step in the wrong direction” for the neighborhood, according to the Boston Herald.

The resistance isn’t exactly surprising, given that another company that once hoped to open a dispensary in Boston ran into similar push-back.

Patriot Care attorney Michael Ross said it could take more than a year to find an alternative site if the city rejects his client’s plans for a 6,000-square-foot facility on up-and-coming Milk Street.