British Columbia cannabis stores can now receive samples from producers

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Federally licensed cannabis producers are now allowed to provide authorized stores in British Columbia with product samples for a nominal fee to help them promote products.

The province made the announcement Monday in a public bulletin.

Alberta also recently made such a policy change.

According to the B.C. statement, “This change to the licence (sic) terms and conditions is in response to industry feedback and is a first step in helping federal licence holders to promote cannabis with samples while meeting legislative requirements.”

Store licensees and employees will be allowed to accept samples from a federal license holder, but they are not allowed to supply cannabis samples to other stores or consumers.

According to the bulletin, there is no maximum size for the samples, but they are expected to be “of reasonable size and quantity and should have little retail value.”

“A sample shall not be used for any type of inducement.”

The bulletin also noted that cannabis consumption in a store remains prohibited, even if the shop is closed.

The changes to the province’s license terms and conditions are available here and here.