California regulators OK statewide marijuana delivery in draft of final rules

In the final drafts of California’s cannabis business regulations, regulators approved statewide marijuana deliveries, even in areas that ban cannabis.

The rules will not be completely finalized until approved by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), which may not be until sometime in January.

Many believe statewide delivery – one of the most debated issues involving California’s marijuana industry – will boost sales by allowing licensed retailers and delivery businesses to reach consumers in municipalities that prohibit commercial cannabis sales.

More information on the final regulations drafts’ approach to MJ delivery in California can be found here.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “California regulators OK statewide marijuana delivery in draft of final rules
  1. john ward on

    Areas that ban cannabis are being served now by the 90% of the “by design” black market operators. There is much less competition by the Legal market in these areas. Better get those deliveries rolling before the consumers get used to $20 eights. It’s a hard sell to upcharge to $50-70 eights, for the same product.
    If the BCC were building a boat it would always be ready to capsize! While they welcome you aboard.

    • Alyssa Maldonado on

      Has the BCC mentioned regulations on Weedmaps? Rumor has it that they will continue to advertise well into 2020 with no regard to establishment licensing. Can we anyone confirm?

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