CA busts on illegal marijuana operations continue: Thousands more plants seized

More enforcement actions indicate that state and local authorities in California continue to step up efforts to crack down on black-market cannabis operations, a development that could help licensed businesses that have long complained that illicit operators undercut their sales.

Here’s a roundup of some of the latest enforcement news from California:

  • Detectives with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office served three warrants at homes with illegal cannabis grows and processing equipment in Lindsay. They discovered more than 3,200 marijuana plants, approximately 1,300 pounds of partially processed cannabis and more than 30 pounds of processed MJ. All the product was destroyed.
  • Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies busted an illegal grow in an unincorporated part of the county, eradicated “thousands of marijuana plants” and detained 12 people.
  • The Placer County Sheriff’s Office seized more than 571 marijuana plants at an illegal grow in a warehouse in an unincorporated area of Lincoln.
  • The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office investigated trespassing and illegal activities on private property and eradicated more than 240 cannabis plants.
  • The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office eradicated more than 230 marijuana plants and destroyed 100 pounds of dried marijuana at an illegal grow on tribal land.
  • San Diego police arrested two people for operating an illegal marijuana delivery service, and confiscated 50 pounds of marijuana, edibles and concentrates.

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3 comments on “CA busts on illegal marijuana operations continue: Thousands more plants seized
  1. Mike on

    Yeah welcome to the shake down… My wife and I had a LEGAL medical State of the art grow. We had all the documentation in place.. And the came full force and destroyed our lives. $25k invested reduced to a few thousand dollars to sell off the equipment. That money barley covered attorneys fees. And still to this day coated us PTSD to the likes of several hospitalizations for depression, suicide attempts and too many to list trips to the Dark Side Of The Moon. We will NEVER feel safe in our home ever again. After the arrest and a bogus plea deal, we had no 4th amendment rights. We gave them up on the plea… Then for the next year countless harassing encounters with law enforcement. On 7-17-2017 at 7:17am the local sherrifs department came in 30 deep for tactical forced breach with assault weapons pointed at the heads of our children… Destroyed our home and personal items. Claim: just doing a random 4th waiver probation search. We were in escrow to buy the home we had lived in for 6 years. We canceled the escrow packed up and moved 2200 miles away… Only to be harassed again. It’s all we can do some days to keep from putting a bullet in our heads. My wife and I hold on day by day. Hour by hour… Minute by minute. I (we) will never feel true happiness ever again. Not like we once did. There will be moments.. Tines when our children do great things that make us happy… But has proven to be constantly shrouded with absolute terror stalking us. How sad when you child graduates high school, a day most parents will tell you should be one of those days you are entitled to feel nothing but pure joy for the work you did to get your child to this point… Only to have this monster ever present in the moment. So e have said just get over it… There are worse things in life…. BS.. I don’t care how anyone else processes something like arrest and jail… It’s how the individual handles it that matters. Just because I don’t hurt as bad as you about a certain event doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal or that bad… Your feelings are 100% justified… And the same courtesy should be given to every person when dealing with something they say hurts them the most. My wife has never even had a parking ticket… Then while proving legal medicine with all the documents, all the i’s and T’s dotted and crossed… Gets thrown in jail and this world she has never known nor should have ever known begins a nightmare that will only get worse. To this day… 2 years and several months later… we are still being harassed. Constantly being pulled over… Constantly being searched… Constanty going to very dark places in the human mind. No pills… Or therapy.. Or even weed… Helps. This is what the greatest medicine known to man has done to us. We will always love this plant. Those that know it, know why it’s so special. Now imagine that Devine beauty having the worst nightmare ever wrapped around it… I still, and always will love you Mary Jane…….

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