A trademark battle is in the wind in California over the use of  Breez – and Breeze – as a cannabis product brand.

Oakland-based Promontory Holdings sued The Breeze Brand of Los Angeles in state court, claiming infringement over Promontory’s California-registered “Breez” trademark, Law360 reported.


Promontory sells popular CBD-THC combo mints, tincture sprays and tablets under the “Breez” brand, while The Breeze sells CBD gummies and vape pens under “Breeze.”

The lawsuit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, could cast light on the legal strength of a cannabis trademark in California.

Promontory’s lawsuit, according to Law360, claims that the value of its Breez brand has been harmed and will continue to be harmed because of customer confusion.

The complaint says that Breez consistently is ranked as one of the top cannabis brands in California by the independent firm BDS Analytics.

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Promontory registered the Breez trademark in December 2020, according to California secretary of state records. That registration doesn’t expire until 2025.

Officials from the Breeze Brand couldn’t be reached for comment by MJBizDaily.