California governor appoints members to cannabis business appeals board

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California Gov. Jerry Brown has taken another step toward solidifying his state’s cannabis business permitting system with the appointment of three new board members who will oversee appeals from license applicants that have been denied or licensees that have been disciplined by regulators.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Brown’s three appointees, all Democrats, were:
  • Sabrina D. Ashjian of Fresno, county prosecutor
  • Diandra Bremond of Los Angeles, college lecturer
  • Adrian Carpenter of Plumas Lake, a staff attorney for the governor

Two more appointments still must be made, by the speaker of the state Assembly and the state Senate Rules Committee, the newspaper reported.

The board will mainly deal with companies that have applied for but been rejected for marijuana business permits, and existing licensees that run afoul of state regulations in some fashion.

The board’s formation is also part of the evolving enforcement picture for California marijuana companies given that there are unanswered questions about how state industry regulations will be enforced and the uncertainty over when full annual business licenses will be issued.