California regulators reopen funding for cannabis social equity programs

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control is reopening the application period for cities and counties to apply for a portion of $10 million in state funds.

The funds were set aside last year to support social equity programs in the cannabis industry.

The grant money, which was established last year by the Legislature, was originally slated to be awarded by the end of June.

The application period was delayed for reasons that still remain unclear.

Enacting social equity programs are a way for new adopters of the legal cannabis space to repair some of the harms done to minorities by the war on drugs.

The grant money may be split up among the eight localities in California that have already adopted social equity ordinances: Coachella, Humboldt County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Rio Dell, Sacramento and San Francisco.

To apply for grant funding, cities and counties with social equity programs must file their paperwork by Aug. 30.

All grant applications that meet the required criteria will receive at least $100,000, unless they request less.

The entire $10 million in grant money will be awarded by June 30.

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2 comments on “California regulators reopen funding for cannabis social equity programs
  1. Pat on

    The state got it completely reversed. Otherwise there wouldn’t need to be a “social equity” program. Esp. 3 yrs into it. The whole things’ a crock. You social equity people, just keep doing what you have been doing. The state is out of their minds. This proposal doesn’t even make the definition of tokenism.


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