With no explanation, CA regulators delay marijuana social equity funding

California cannabis social equity, With no explanation, CA regulators delay marijuana social equity funding

California regulators put $10 million in state grant money for cannabis social equity programs on hold, it was announced over the weekend.

The state Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) earlier this month began accepting grant applications from cities that have social equity programs intended to get minorities and those impacted by the war on drugs more involved in the industry.

The BCC had originally slated June 30 as the deadline for doling out the grant money.

In a Saturday news release, the BCC said that it was canceling the application period “effective immediately” and that it will “review and revise the grant program guidelines” before announcing a new timeline for the $10 million in funding.

No reason was given for the change in plans, and a BCC spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

No updated timeline was announced.

The move is likely to upset social equity applicants – particularly in Los Angeles. They have expressed frustration with the slow pace of the city’s social equity licensing, which many say is tied to a lack of government funding.

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3 comments on “With no explanation, CA regulators delay marijuana social equity funding
  1. Pat on

    There is NO real “social equity” program, unless all counties in ca. are allowed to participate. What about those counties that don’t allow the “law” to be implemented in their jurisdiction; where that jurisdiction may have had an historically heavy handed and disproportionate arrest/incarceration rate on racial minorities? That would mess up the BCC’s artificial supply/demand equilibrium sweet-spot, now wouldn’t it? Of course, there’s no cynicism here..

    • George Bianchini on

      Pat, There you go again with common sense. Common sense has no place in BCC regulations. How do you expect the corporate greed take over artists to displace the compassionate safe access to cannabis, that you and me and most of the “grey/black market vendors provided for the last twenty years. Looking back our system worked pretty good without rules and regs.
      The cannabis market place will find it’s sweet spot. The consumers, not the BCC will determine the landscape of our market place. It always has.
      Since the BCC has not only violated statutory laws regarding their rule making, which has led to an overall dismal failure of the spirit and intent of the voters of California, It’s no wonder that it’s those same voters/citizens have decided to embrace the system that worked for many years. It appears that the BCC and it’s target players will have 20% of the market for now, while they race to the bottom. Not to worry though, When the crash happens the corporate CEO’s will never miss a payday until they run out of their investors money as even those investors will expect their stated huge profits from their investments. Ponzi scheme?

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