California water board sends warnings to cannabis growers

California water cultivation licenses, California water board sends warnings to cannabis growers

The California Water Boards sent at least 270 letters to farmers in the Emerald Triangle, warning them to come into compliance with regulations or face possible fines and even the loss of their cultivation licenses.

The agency posted on Twitter that its Division of Water Rights’ Cannabis Enforcement Section sent the letters to “residents in Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino counties today notifying them they lack the appropriate permits for commercial cannabis cultivation.”

Marijuana Business Daily obtained  one example of the letters, which were sent to landowners whose properties “appear … to be used for cannabis cultivation or associated activities.

“However, there is no record of any person associated with this property having enrolled in the State Water Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Program,” the letter reads.

The letters warn recipients that they need to obtain proper permission from the agency for water rights used in marijuana growing.

If they do not, they could be fined or lose any state cannabis cultivation permit for their properties.

Last year, more than 2,300 licenses were issued in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties, the three areas that make up the Emerald Triangle.

To read the water division’s tweet, click here.

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3 comments on “California water board sends warnings to cannabis growers
  1. Jeff on

    All you cannabis growers look at this company called Micron Waste Technology.
    They rid your bye products on premises and the water that it retains is drinkable which you can reuse for growing.
    Has no odor and it keeps records on everything that it is processing.
    It’s fantastic. Takes up a small space on your property. No expensive trucking to a landfill. The technology is state of the art.

  2. Pat on

    Why were these people licensed in the first place? All those counties that got shut out, all the time these “licensees” and the regulators have been mutually breaking the law/rules, AND staying in businesses, with no consequences. Unreal. And, the gov. has the audacity to be going after ( promoting the fear of potential law enforcement intervention at any moment ) mom pop shop growers?

    You know, State of Ca., you don’t have a leg to stand on. It’s all a joke to those that have the guts to march on without your “blessing.”

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