Canada’s ruling party rejects controversial amendments to cannabis bill

Canada cannabis law amendment, Canada’s ruling party rejects controversial amendments to cannabis bill

Canada’s federal government is rejecting the Senate’s amendments to the pending marijuana law that industry sources said would make it harder for legal recreational marijuana to overtake the black market.

The Senate’s version of the Cannabis Act was approved with almost four dozen amendments. While the ruling Liberal government will accept the bulk of the changes, the most controversial ones are unlikely to make the final bill.

Amendments the Liberal government plans to reject include:

  • Requiring parliamentary approval of new cannabis products (presumably including edibles and infused).
  • Prohibiting “brand stretching” – the use of cannabis brand elements that are not on packaging or accessories.
  • Making public the names of shareholders who hold more than 5% of any class of shares of a cannabis company.
  • Giving regulators the authority to cap THC potency for certain products.
  • Allowing provinces to ban home cultivation.

Deepak Anand, vice president of government relations for Toronto-based Cannabis Compliance, said industry welcomes the move.

“From a business perspective, it’s great for the industry. Businesses wanted to see pushback on a number of things,” he said, predicting the law will be approved by the end of next week.

The House of Commons is expected to vote on the updated measure – with the controversial amendments removed – in the coming days. Then it heads back to the Senate, which will choose between acquiescing to the House’s changes or further debate.

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2 comments on “Canada’s ruling party rejects controversial amendments to cannabis bill
  1. Rick Vanderwoude on

    There needs to be a way the public, (you know, us voters, who, for the most part, are IN FAVOUR of legalization), can gain access to the senate to let these out of touch, unelected dinosaurs know OUR wishes. The misinformation and absolute nonsense I hear coming from these blowhards is laughable at best. This is an emerging, global industry, and Canada needs to continue to be at the forefront with first mover status in every possible aspect. I would say to these ladies and gentlemen, step aside and let the people who know what’s going on, do what they need to do to ensure industry, innovation, jobs and Canada continue to thrive and grow. You would think it would only make sense to an elected, or otherwise, “official”

    • diana on

      agreed, the awareness, history, science, research and knowledge of this schedule one drug classification was paramount in the decisions required. the power in every aspect of development reached many other parliamentary members input of knowledge and awareness. i do hope this isnt a rush job, From a science and pharma in harm reduction from opiates. and pain, to a choice in your recreation. alcohol or cannabis, the potential of choice is healthy, positive more than a negative. and time and effort and deep consultation is paramount now that a date for any amendments to be voiced in our democracy. diana

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