MMJ advocate sues Florida to get smokable cannabis into program

A cannabis advocate who was instrumental in Florida’s passage of a medical marijuana law filed suit against the state to get smokable MJ included in the program.

Attorney John Morgan argued in the lawsuit filed Thursday that smoking marijuana is the best way to administer it to some patients.

Smokable medical marijuana would entice patients to join the program and subsequently increase revenue for the state’s MMJ industry.

Morgan led the ballot effort that put MMJ in the state constitution with 71% voter approval. He said the language in the constitution said marijuana can’t be smoked in public, which implies it should be allowed in private.

But the law signed last month by Florida’s Republican governor bans smokable forms of marijuana. Lawmakers who supported the ban argued smoking marijuana isn’t healthy. Vaping, however, is allowed.

– Associated Press

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4 comments on “MMJ advocate sues Florida to get smokable cannabis into program
  1. Terry Davis on

    Me. Morgan has my support and all of my friends and family as well we all appreciate his efforts in making Floridas medical cannibis legal. Also his help in making full strength marijuana smokeable in the privacy of your home. Thanks again for all your help on this matter, without your hard work and fortitude I doubt that we would ever had this law come to be law in Florida, and hope to see his name on the Florida governor ballot.

  2. Jon D Schmidt on

    Thats fine let them make more rules to stop what the people want . We get to vote and they will see what 71% really means. Time to replace the ones that dont listen to the people

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