Cannabis store burglaries on the rise in Denver

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The number of break-ins at Denver marijuana stores hit a three-year high in 2019.

Five robberies and 122 burglaries were reported to the Denver Police Department last year.

In 2018, marijuana businesses reported one robbery and 120 burglaries, according to the Denver Post.

Last September, Denver police warned of an increase in burglaries of marijuana operations and urged owners to beef up security measures.

Criminals primarily targeted retail stores and cannabis grows, a police official told the newspaper.

Such increases in theft point to the need for marijuana businesses nationwide to seriously take a look at any security measures they have in place.

Thefts in states such as Colorado with lower marijuana prices might contribute to the illicit market elsewhere in the U.S.

Denver Police Commander James Henning told the Post that cannabis sells for $3,000-$3,500 a pound on the East Coast and only about $1,200 a pound in Colorado.