Cannabis to be Displayed and Judged at Oregon State Fair

In what might be a cannabis marketing first, marijuana plants will be displayed and judged at the Oregon State Fair – just like pumpkins, pigs and onions.

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council is sponsoring the exhibit of nine plants, which will be displayed in a greenhouse at the fairgrounds, according to The Oregonian.

Only people 21 years of age and older will be allowed into the greenhouse, which will be monitored by a security guard and have its own entrance and exit.

Fair spokesman Dan Cox said cannabis’ inclusion in the fair reflects the plant’s legal status in the state and how Oregonians are increasingly accepting of it. “This is really a reflection of where Oregon is now as a state,” Cox told The Oregonian.

The plants will be judged before the fair by a panel of marijuana growers, including Ed Rosenthal – a well-known author and cannabis expert – and be awarded ribbons.

“We are doing it 4H style,” said Don Morse, executive director of the Cannabis Business Council. “You get a blue, purple or yellow ribbon. We are celebrating the plant as a farm crop from Oregon.”

The fair runs Aug. 26 to Sept. 5.