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Hemp State Highlight: North Dakota growing lots of hemp, but market potential is limited

Few states are growing more hemp than North Dakota. With more than 3,000 acres in active hemp production and an unparalleled system for getting viable, certified seeds to interested growers, North Dakota could one day be the hemp leader it is for other agricultural commodities from corn to flaxseed.

But North Dakota has natural enemies that can limit hemp’s ability to thrive, as well as manmade enemies that limit the plant’s potential uses.

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US hemp production doubled in ’17, report says

The U.S. hemp crop doubled this year, according to new survey data from a prominent hemp-advocacy group. Vote Hemp counted a total of 23,346 acres growing hemp in 18 states. That’s more than twice as much as hemp land as 2016, when the group counted 9,649 acres growing in 15 states. State licenses to cultivate […]

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Week in Review: Leafly layoffs, deceiving CBD labels & Detroit’s MMJ wins

By Bart Schaneman, Kristen Nichols and John Schroyer  Leafly lays off employees amid new leadership, a study says most CBD products are improperly labeled, and Detroit voters approve pro-medical marijuana laws. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

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Wisconsin hemp law advances to governor’s desk

A bill authorizing hemp cultivation in Wisconsin awaits the signature of Republican Gov. Scott Walker after both chambers of the state legislature unanimously approved the measure. But Walker isn’t saying whether he’ll sign it into law. A spokesman told The Associated Press the governor would review the bill but did not commit to signing it. […]

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Canada awaits hemp boom, with companies pivoting to capitalize on CBD

Excitement about hemp’s market potential is white-hot in Canada, where hemp production already overwhelms the United States and changing regulations could unleash a huge new market for CBD products. Company after company in Canada is gambling that the government will soon dramatically expand how the nation’s 120,000 acres of hemp can be used.

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Hemp wins unanimous approval in Wisconsin Senate

Hemp is cruising through the Wisconsin state legislature, where the Senate voted 33-0 to approve cultivation of the new crop. The Wisconsin bill hemp bill now heads to the Assembly, which scheduled a hemp hearing Wednesday. The final Assembly vote on hemp could come Thursday, according to WHBL-TV, possibly sending the bill to Republican Gov. […]

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CBD products are usually mislabeled, study finds

Most CBD products sold online don’t contain the promised amount of CBD, a potential red flag for regulators deciding whether to crack down on a product commonly used for medical reasons. A study published Tuesday in a leading medical publication, the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that less than a third of CBD […]

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Canadian MJ grower buys Maine hemp farm for CBD production

A Canadian company that specializes in indoor marijuana production is going outside – buying a Maine hemp farm to ramp up its CBD oil production. Future Farm Technologies of Vancouver said in a news release it has acquired a 120-acre industrial hemp farm in Amity, Maine. Terms weren’t disclosed. Derek Ross, the farm operator and Future […]

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FDA sends another round of warnings to CBD producers

Federal drug authorities have sent another round of warning letters to CBD producers about making health claims. The recipients include CW Hemp, the Colorado Springs, Colorado, company that supplies the popular Charlotte’s Web medicine for intractable epilepsy. The Food and Drug Administration sent four warning letters Wednesday to two Colorado companies – CW Hemp and Pueblo-based That’s Natural! […]

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Hemp State Highlight: Oregon positioned for national dominance with tested products

By Kristen Nichols

When it comes to hemp, Oregon is no little brother to its more populous neighbors to the north and south.

Washington state bans hemp production for high-value CBD products, and California is headed toward a patchwork of local hemp regulations. Meanwhile, Oregon is poised to become a national hemp leader.

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Tribe sues DEA, California county for removal of 26-acre hemp crop

A Native American tribe based in Nevada is suing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration over the seizure of a 26-acre hemp crop growing in California. The Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada – a federally recognized tribe of Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute Indians in northwestern Nevada – is also suing officials in San Joaquin County, California, where the grow was located, […]

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