Cheeba Chews Returns to Colorado Market

Cheeba Chews is back in business.

The Colorado-based company – which makes a popular line of edibles – reportedly has a new licensing deal in place to manufacture infused products in its home state.

Production has resumed and the company is now filling orders from dispensaries, an official with Cheeba Chews told Marijuana Business Daily.

Dispensary owners in Colorado have been wondering for months what happened to Cheeba Chews, which abruptly stopped production in March without providing an explanation.

The company reportedly ran into issues with the business it brought on to manufacture and distribute its products, according to an investigation by the Denver Post

Colorado denied an edibles license to that business – Green Sky Productions – in the spring, bringing manufacturing of Cheeba Chews products in the state to a halt.

Officials cited 20 specific issues for the denial, ranging from allegations of hidden ownership interest, to employees who had not passed criminal background checks or were off-the-books, to unsanitary conditions in the kitchen facilities where the products were made.

“We were part of a bad arrangement, have since moved on and are already back on the shelves in full compliance,” Cheeba Chews said in a statement released recently to dispensaries. “Please rest assured the kitchen violations were minor, corrected, and not the reason for denial.”

Cheeba Chews also has licensing deals to manufacture its products in California and Washington State.

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